Prayer for Employment


Through the wonderful blessings of almighty God I have been successful in getting an interview this morning. My interview appeared to go well. I am just waiting now to hear the news. Please, please pray I am successful.

I care more about what this is doing to my wife, children and family.

Please pray that our dear Lord will show me mercy and grant me this job.


Chris - for you and the many others on this forum awaiting employment opportunites, I pray that God will shine His mercy and many blessings upon you at this time and that this job be the one He wants you to have.

I will remember you at noon mass.


I’m unemployed as well and have been looking for quite some time.
I had an interview yesterday for a Federal Job, but the gov’t works slow, so I may not hear anything for a short while.
I will also pray for my unemployed Brothers and Sisters, too!.


Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. Another interview today. Please pray I am successful.


Your name will be added to the rosary thread…God bless you…


My prayers go out for the both of you…less than a year ago I posted a similiar thread and boy did my life take a turn!!! I was going for one job and before I got a response from them I was offered another job I hadn’t expected to ever get…as I negotiated my contract, my new employer took my hesitation for wanting more not an insecurity about doing the job and offered a ton of perks…May God Bless you as I was blessed…I will keep you in my prayers


I join everyone here in offering prayers for Chris’ and Edwin’s employment and thank all of you who have prayed.

We have several sticky threads in the Spirituality forum which might interest you including one specifically for prayer requests. I encourage you to keep us all updated through that venue.

Your employment seach has been added to the prayer request thread, which you can see here.


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