Prayer for Faithful Priests


In these troubling times when so much attention is being paid to the actions of some evil priests, I wanted to offer a prayer of thanksgiving for many faithful priests who have with the love of God, the Church and our people -- performed above reproach in their years of service. I also pray for those young men who are considering the priesthood that they recognize that while there are some men who should have never become priests that if they are faithful and true to their commitment, then not only will God take care of them but we who are served by them will as well.

I have met so many wonderful men in the local diocese and in the Jesuit schools my children attended -- men of true and passionate faith. I know they suffer because of the actions of others and I ask God to give them comfort and strength.

God bless you for your bravery and love of God.


Lord, Creator of Heaven and Earth,

We beseech You, allow not the followers of Judas amongst us to do evil to Your Holy Church. Keep them away from the Bride of Christ and from her precious children, but preserve those who are Your true servants. Let them not be shamed, let them not be slandered, let them not be despised by those who seek nothing but the destruction of the One True Faith. Strengthen Your Holy Catholic Church in her mission to bring ever more souls to Your resplendent light and to the fullness of the glorious Christian Faith.



Senhor, Criador do Céu e da Terra,

Vos rogamos, não permitais os adeptos de Judas que estão entre nós a fazer mal a Vossa Santa Igreja. Afastai-os da Noiva de Cristo e das suas crianças preciosas, mas preservai aqueles que são Vossos verdadeiros servos. Não deixeis que sejam humilhados, não deixeis que sejam caluniados, não deixeis que sejam desprezados pelos que buscam apenas a queda da Única Verdadeira Fé. Fortalecei Vossa Santa Igreja Católica na sua missão de trazer cada vez mais almas a Vossa luz resplendente e à plenitude da gloriosa Fé Cristã.


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