Prayer for In-Laws who relocated to retirement center


I request prayers for my in-laws who just moved into a Catholic retirement community center. They have been living on their own before but have mobility issues, the ice and snow just were too much for them. They are in independent living and my wife and I are hoping that the new loving and social environment will help them do better physically, socially, psychologically and spiritually.

Since my wife and I have pretty much spent the better part of the last month packing them up, finding Dr.’s, filling out forms, flying and driving across the country several times, we ask for some rest and fulfillment in our hopes. We are also so happy to have them here although they are further from some of the other family. Change is hard for everyone.

Any and all prayers are very much appreciated.:slight_smile:

God bless you,



May the Lord watch over your loved ones in this time of transition in their lives. May He comfort them in times of need and when they must relinquish some of the control over their lives as they age.


I’ll add them to my prayer intentions.


Thank you so much:)

God bless you both!

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Just a short update for those that have posted prayers and those that have viewed and may have said a quick one for us :thumbsup: …Mom and Dad seem to be settling in pretty well. They say they have met more people in the first fifteen minutes at dinner than in the first ten years they lived in New England. (They had a hard time making friends up there as they were not from the area). We had them over for Mother’s day dinner and they invited one of their neighbors along. So, the social aspect seems to be working out.

In trying to cut down on the chaos factor we unpacked all of their things and organized their cabinets as similar as possible as they were to they were at home. However, this is creating some confusion in them finding some of their things. I have moved more than thirty times in my life and I am still looking for that doodad that I think owned that I either lost or gave away or broke twenty years ago so I can relate to the confusion. Anyway, thanks for the prayers and I think they are doing well. Their health seems to be improving with the stress of the move being over.

God bless you all,



I’m glad to hear that they’ve settled in their retirement home.

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