Prayer for injured bishop


Please pray for Bishop Donald Pelotte, SSS, bishop of the Diocese of Gallup, who is in a Phoenix ICU with serious head injuries…


I saw that in the paper earlier today. My thoughts and prayers are with him.


:crossrc: :gopray2: :signofcross:

Prayers for the bishop’s recovery.


Praying for the good bishop.


Praying for him.


Lord, we beg You, please comfort, and watch over this Bishop, who has dedicated his life to serving You. Restore him to full health that he may continue his ministry. In Jesus name we pray.


My prayers for him :crossrc:






He is in my prayers.


The bishop is in my prayers. :gopray:


Dear Lord, please help this man who dedicated his life to You.


Keeping Bishop Donald in prayer

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May the bishop recover and continue being the good shepherd for all his people.


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