Prayer for Intercession of St. Christopher

St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers, is also the patron saint of surfers. Here’s a surfer prayer:

'St. Christopher, Big Kahuna patron saint of surfers, protect me in the water from take-off to the beach. Carry this surfer chick on your broad shoulders as I spiritually commune through surfing. I come to this ocean in search of peace and tranquility. Guide us on our surfing safaris to the awesome, tubular waves, nothing gnarly. Please give me patience to wait for the right wave, the strength to paddle it, and the ability to ride it. Help me eventually hang ten, or at least five; for I am in my own way of the faith. Deliver me from wipe outs, unpleasant ho-daddies, and keep my bikini top secure. Let me through surfing follow the way of the Lord and come away stoked in spirit. Amen."

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