Prayer for job, etc



I posted this several months ago. I need a job, after losing my job in January 2008.

First, the good news: I got an office temp job that got me through the early fall. Now the bad news: the job ended, and I had to go back to collecting unemployment again in November!

I’ve applied for jobs like crazy, but so far, nothing. I am dealing with the panic/depression that comes when seeking employment, as well as the death of my Mom back in Sept (she was 85 years young and died a week after we threw a birthday party for her–all the neighbors came. My sisters kept the news of my joblessness from her; she was in poor health and we didn’t want her to worry).

Of course, where she is now, she knows everything and is probably giving God no peace until I get a job!:thumbsup:

Anyway, I am specifically praying for a job that will untilize my writing skills. I have a BA in English, and have done writitng for a local newspaper before. I am not limiting God to writing–I want to be open to anything He has for me. I know that I am not the only one trying to stay afloat in this economy, and to keep myself from getting totally self centered, I make it a point to pray for others in the same boat as I am.

I’ve been a jobseeker before, but this is the toughest time I’ve ever had doing it. I’m constantly fighting negative attitudes (“I’ll never get hired, I’ll lose my apartment, I’ll get stuck in another deadend job” etc.) My church family as well as my siblings try to encourage me, but it’s still tough. Just pray, OK?


Merciful Father, in Your sovereignty, please lead osohappy to a job, preferably one that involves writing skills. Help osohappy carry this cross, and lead osohappy into Your arms with trust and joy now and forever. Mary, pray with us. Amen. :signofcross:


I’ll keep you in my prayers and Masses.

God bless and help you to be hopeful,
Warm regards, Trishie


I will most definitely keep you in my prayers. So many of us are going through the same. Lord, help us all.



As part of my penance from confession, but most of all because it is the right thing to do, I offer my prayers for you through the intercession of St. Joseph.


Prayers promised


Praying for you!



Praying through the intercession of St. Joseph. I hope you find something soon!


St Joseph, please help our friend to find good and meaningful employment…


I GOTTA JOB!!!:extrahappy: :dancing:

OK, it’s NOT permanent, and it’s not writing per se, but it will pay the bills and keep me under a roof!!

The job is with the U.S. Census, which means it will last a minimum of about 18 months–maybe a little more. I’ve been hired to help train those who will do the doorknocking and getting the data out in the streets, then help compile all the data to send off to DC.

Since the Census doesn’t actually go into the active phase (phone and door to door surveys, etc.) until 2010, that means I have a fairly long stretch of employment ahead of me.

God willing, I can use the time to seek out employment as a writer, sharpen my writing skills, etc. I’m planning on maybe starting a history blog so that others can see what I write. It will be one step closer to doing the writing that can (hopefully) be published in a book. The journey of a thousand miles…

Thank all of you for praying. One of the things I did to keep myself from getting too down (and giving in to the temptation to stay in bed most of the day) was to go to morning mass at the Catholic Church down the street from me. Once I was up, showered, dressed, presentable and out the door, I found I was not likely to go back to bed and stay miserable!

I’m not Catholic, but I’ve attended masses elsewhere before and was fairly familiar with the ritual (do I stand or do I kneel? Why do they hold hands for the the Lord’s Prayer??)

It really helped end my isolation during the week, and gave me other things and people to pray about besides myself. I was in great danger of turning into your basic selfish pig in the midst of this.

I start work this Monday (Feb 2), so no more weekday masses, just my regular church attendance on Sundays at my church. (I’m gonna miss seeing the kindergarteners from the Catholic school go forward for blessing every Friday!)

Thanks for the prayers and concern. If you want to pray some more for me, pray that I will do the new job well and be a blessing to my employer and coworkers. Pray also for direction in the start of a writing career–that I will remain disciplined, make the contacts with people I need, etc.

Thanks again, and may God bless you all!:grouphug:


PRaying for you to find a job and for your Mom’s good health


dear God please find a job that provides all that is needed both financially and mentally to this child of yours and do so timely so that there will not be worries, in your name i pray, amen


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