Prayer for marriage reconcillation


please pray for my family. my husband has moved out of the home with me and my children.:mad:


Prayers your way ma'am.


May the Lord bless and reconcile your marriage and heal your family. May he knit the fabric of your hearts back together remake you as one, and see your family to a wonderful life with the Lord always as its center. Amen :signofcross:


I am so sorry to hear of your pain. Your family is in my prayers.


thank you so much. i am struggling to deal with my husbands infedelity. every day is a struggle. without my wonderful savior jesus christ i would not be able to get through it.:mad:


Dear Lord,

Please help mamashoe and her family at this very painful time. May there be repentance, healing, and reconciliation. And most importantly, may they all grow close to Thy Son as they draw closer to His Cross.

During their pain, may they feel Thy Warmth and love.



Hello Mamashoe,

Your family has my prayers. My wife moved out 3 years ago. It is so very difficult. A terrific resource, along with prayer of course, is the book Gift of Self. It can be found at a very good price on…

May your husband see that he is on the wide path.




[quote="mamashoe, post:1, topic:220952"]
please pray for my family. my husband has moved out of the home with me and my children.:mad:


I am so sorry that you have to go through this. I don't know why this is happening more and more these days, but pray, pray the Rosary daily for your husband's conversion. Offer up sacrifices for his conversion. When we get married, we promise to help the other get to heaven. Do whatever it takes spiritually to help him get there. This also happened to my mother-in-law and my sister. Both are dealing with it differently. My MIL is still hanging on to anger that he left and still loves him and wants him back, yet is so angry even after a year. My sister is more stronger in her faith and has moved on. She has accepted that he left her for another woman and loves herself enough to move on. Her ex wants her back, but she won't take him back for he is almost stalking her and it is scary, so he is not normal. They do share two small children so she has contact with him and he is making her life miserable, but she still has a great outlook on life for she loves Jesus.

So you continue to hang on to Jesus for support and courage and He will not disappoint. Whether he comes back to you or not, that is your husband's will and only he knows, but you can pray for it in the mean time for miracles do happen. Ask Our Lady's help via the Rosary. Have faith and hope. If it doesn't happen, God has His reasons. I will be praying for your marriage. ;)


Dear MamaShoe:

I feel your pain honey. I am so sorry. The pain is simply unbearable when a spouse is unfaithful.

Take my advice. Get the book “Love Must Be Tough” by Dr. Dobson immediately and follow his advice. If you do, you might get your marriage back.

I didn’t read it until too much damage had already been done, and now 3 years later, I’m afraid it’s too late for me and my husband.

Your husband is in “the fog”. Dobson says to open the cage door and let them go. Try not to harass, lash out, say anything really. Be kind and gentle. Let him know how hurt you are and that you love him, BUT if he wants to pursue another woman, then you cannot stop him. Basically, "if you love someone let them go free, if they fly back, love them forever, if they don’t there is nothing you can do.

God Bless You~ Jesus is there for you. He is holding every tear of yours in heaven in a vial. We are here for you too. To vent whenever you need to. Many of us have been through it too. Praying for you. Pray for your husband. Let God deal with him! This has been a huge lesson for me. I tried to hang on to him so tightly, I probably pushed him away further. Don’t do this friend.



Please I need all of your prayers as my my wife and I go thru some very tough time. I believe and so do many counselors that she is menopausal with a mid-life crisis. We have been workinking on this for 8 months now. I still love her very much and do not want a divorce. I just dont think she is in this marriage emotionally. She has been having an emotional affair. Which she denies it is.


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