Prayer for Material Thing

Should i pray that God would help us sell our house, or just be patient and know that the house will sell if it’s in God’s will?

I feel a bit materialistic and ungrateful for praying to God that someone will buy our house. There are so many better, less selfish things to pray for.

Pray to God for anything you want as long as it’s good. There’s nothing materialistic about asking God to help you sell your house. :slight_smile:

I agree! My parents, siblings, and I prayed a novena to help sell our house. We also buried a St. Joseph statue in the yard and our house sold within a few weeks of this. Here’s a website that explains the St. Joseph thing:

I think it should depend on your intent of selling the house. Look at the three conditions of a mortal sin and the seven capital/deadly sin that lead to sinful behavior and the Ten Commandments. Okay the three conditions of a mortal sin are grave matter, intentions and concent and the seven capital sins you can look up. Talk to your priest perhaps to get a grasp on what he thinks as well. I think talking in the overall catholic/christian community could be also helpful and networking is a good thing. I mean if you have a second house and all and don’t need the money probably not the best thing to do unless its to help fund some charities or something. I would also look at the precepts of the church 5. provide for the material and spiritual needs of the church. Thanks for listening and I’m having the same issue, yet my house has not sold. I haven’t prayed though cause I don’t think that its right in my humble opinion unless I badly badly need the money.

God bless,

Of course you want God to help you sell your house. There is nothing that we do that we do not do with God’s help. The truth is, though, you have to realize that if you don’t wind up putting God in charge of the situation, you’ll have been doing all of the talking and none of the listening.

If you do that, realize that you open yourself to the Holy Spirit. You open yourself to lowering the price because it is the right thing to do. You open yourself to seeing if God has an intended purpose for a windfall if the buyer offers more than you expected, rather than automatically assuming it is there to be used at your own pleasure. You open yourself to persevering with the work required to keep the house’s curb appeal up, as cooperation with what you’ve asked God to do. You open yourself to honesty about any problems the home has. You open yourself to making it a sale according to God’s ways. I don’t see how that’s going to be a bad thing.

Go ahead, ask away! :thumbsup:

I don’t see anything wrong with praying for the house to self if you add to your pray ‘If it is your will God’. God knows we have this life to get through and selling a house is part of this life.

I would also however suggest praying for other things such as patience if the house doesn’t sell, guidance as to which realtor to use, strengh to keep the house cleam :wink: (always makes the house sell faster).

I think it is a very good habit to include God in ALL apsects of our life.


very nice reply. thanks.

God loves you so much! You are his little child!

Just as all little children ask their parents for things, God wants you to ask him! God cares about your house, your finances, your troubles, your joys, God even cares about what you are having for dinner or what shirt you are wearing today…he cares about everything about you!!!

Be open to him, he loves you so much. Tell him about all your cares and your concerns, it is not selfish to ask God to listen to you…he is waiting.

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