Prayer for my 8 year old son with cancer


Please pray for my only child, Davis, who has been battling leukemia since the age of 2, and also for me his mom, who is experiencing depression, anxiety, and a crisis of faith in the face of this suffering. Thank you.


gosh. Welcome to the forum.

I will keep you, him and your family in prayer.

I am sorry your years and his have been in pain and suffering. May God remove the pain and bring healing, faith and hope.




Prayers ascending for your son and you and your family.


Praying for Davis and for you.


I’m praying for you all. :gopray2:


Oh my goodness, I can’t imagine such a heavy cross. Davis will be in our family’s prayers. :signofcross:




I will be praying for Davis and for you. :gopray:


You can count on the Geisinger’s prayers as well. I shall storm heaven for all of you …

And I will ask my beautiful McKayla to go to our Lord and ask for special blessings for all of you - to have the strength to be able face this nightmare.

Call upon your guardian angel … and all His Heavenly angels … they are what are helping my family be able to get out of bed in the morning after our beautiful 13 year old died of sudden cardiac arrest while away at an environmental camp.

The shock is still with us … it is so very very very sad … you have hope … focus on that hope … and always in prayer ask for His will …

Love Moe


Father, take the pain and suffering away from this child suffering of leukemia. Bless him and heal him and his family. Father, I ask that this parent be healed of depression and be filled with hope and peace.

Jesus, enter the hearts of all who read and urge them to become organ donors, blood donors, and bone marrow donors. For if it were their child suffering … they would be begging … In Jesus precious name I pray…AMEN





Prayers going up, may God give you strength in your’s and your son’s time of need.

*Knowest thou not, or hast thou not heard? the Lord is the everlasting God, who hath created the ends of the earth: he shall not faint, nor labour, neither is there any searching out of his wisdom. *

*It is he that giveth strength to the weary, and increaseth force and might to them that are not. *

You shall faint, and labour, and young men shall fall by infirmity.

But they that hope in the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall take wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:28 -31


:signofcross: :byzsoc: :crossrc: :highprayer:


I’ll keep you and Davis in my prayers daily. :signofcross:


Praying for you & your son.:gopray:


Heavenly Father, I ask You this day for Your extra special care of Davis and his mother. Please help to heal this young boy of his illness, and hold his mother close to you with the troubles and anxiety she faces in the worry and caregiving she has faced for her child. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen. :signofcross:


I have tears in my eyes

I will pray to Our Lady, who is also a Mother of an only son, and I will ask her to intercede for us and deliver all our special prayers to Jesus her only Son, to send the Holy Spirit with His Healing Powers and cover Davis’ entire body. To heal Davis however He sees fit.

God Bles You, your son and your Family
I will continue to pray for you


I’ll be praying for you and your son. May God Bless you both. Amen:signofcross:


Wow, my dd is also 8 yr. old ( and my only one) and I too would be depressed and full of anxiety over it all too. You are not alone and need to rely on Jesus for your strength and hope that all will turn out according to His will. I will pray for you and Davis and the entire family. It is a very heavy crosss as some have said.

Dear Jesus, Please comfort this mother and give her the strength she needs to be there for her son, Davis. Jesus, if we could be so bold to ask you to please heal the body of Davis and breathe your Holy Spirit into his body for a cure. Here in this world we all suffer, but we ask your mercy on his little soul who has suffer since the age of 2. We thank you for him and his life and trust in you to do what is best for him and his mother. Mary, Mother of God, pray for Davis and pray for his mother. Amen

Go to Jesus in the Eucharist. Your strength and courage will come from receiving this Holy Sacrament.

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