Prayer for my Cousin and her husband


HI all, I don’t post in here much, but noticed this forum was added. Great idea! :thumbsup:

I have a cousin who is maybe 2 years older than I am. She had her first child the same time I had mine, and her second child was just about 5 months behind my second child. AS I got pregnant with my third, I heard through my family grapevine that they were considering vasectomy. So this was 2 years ago. I came home from that family reunion and for about 3-4 weeks, I really prayed my rosary hard for the intention that they not go through with it.

I got an answer to my prayer a couple months ago. They are expecting their third child…what a blessing for them and the family, Praise God! Well, I have a sister who just has to ask questions and asked if they planned the pregnancy or not (ugh…but maybe it’s good she asked so we’d know to keep praying…) and my cousin informed her that they had used a contraceptive sponge that had failed…of course she threw in, “So…if you and your sisters ever decide to use anything…XXXXX method doesn’t work.” :rolleyes:

So, I am renewed in my prayer intentions that God can somehow open her heart and her husband’s heart regarding contraception/sterilization. Apparently, my cousin has SOME reservations about her husband getting a vasectomy since she hadn’t allowed it yet…however, I am scared that they might go through with it now that their method of contraception “failed”.

I would like to ask for prayers from anyone who has some to spare for my cousin and her family…that the Holy Spirit can do this work in their hearts…perhaps having that precious baby in their arms will do the trick…however, I guess I am fearful they will “take care” of the matter before that happens…

Thanks and sorry so long.

Sorry…I just edited to add that my cousin was raised CAtholic and she and her husband are both CAtholic…baptized their children Catholic…so, yes, this is something that might be weighing on their hearts. They aren’t the type to totally disregard any serious eternal consequences…at least that is what I keep telling myself.


Prayers for them tonight.


In my prayers. :gopray:



Will keep your intentions in prayer…


I will be praying for your intention!


Jesus, I would ask that you would reveal yourself and God’s plan for us as holy couples to this couple. Not all couples or both parties of couples always get it, so help one to hear it, grab it and hold tight to that which you gave us before we were born. It is for our health and happiness that you made us as we are. Bless them with understanding that can only come from You. Amen.


May God bless your family and your cousin’s family - for healthy children and open to God’s plan for their wonderful families. Amen.




Thank you all so much. it is very encouraging to me to see this in this forum. God bless you and thank you for your prayers.


Will pray for these intentions…

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