Prayer for my final math exam


Hello everyone… I need a prayer to get 100 on the final examination in mathematics that was on friday january 16 2009. I really need to get a 100 on this examination because it counts twice and i need it in order to maintain my average.If anyone can tell me any prayers to say or pray for me it will be greatly appriated. TIA


Mathematics is not my area of expertise! :slight_smile: But I will pray for you need. I’ll remember you at morning Mass also.

May the Lord help you in your future studies and exams.

May He bless your career, and family throughout your life.

Kind regards, Trishie


You should have asked for prayer BEFORE you had your test!

At this point, you either got all the answers right, or else you didn’t.

What if you didn’t get some answers right? Should you still expect prayer to get you 100?

And why did you post this request on the EC forum?


I DID pray before the exam and while studying for it. It is just that I had a bad dream about it on Saturday night that I didnt do too well on it, and I had another dream about it last night. When I took the test, everything was fine. I did not know where else to post this question sorry.


Thank You Trishie


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