Prayer for My Health


I went to ER today after having my heart “flutter”. It was diagnosed as palpitations and I possibly have panic disorder. Please pray that I will be able to handle this. I am only 21 and lots I still want to see and do.

thank you,


Try not to worry. I know that is harder said than done. I will pray for you and your intentions.


I’ll pray for you.




Praying for you:gopray:
I know things with heart seem scary but I’m sure you’ll have plenty of time to “see and do”. :slight_smile: Cut out the caffeine, if you smoke -quit and limit alcohol consumption.
If you have arrhythmia there are many meds that can successfully treat that, and their a meds for panic disorder so follow up with your doctor.
God Bless.




Praying that you will find comfort from your panic in Gods arms. :gopray:


You are in my prayers.


I’ll be praying you.


Prayers for your continued good health and long lasting recovery.


Praying for you.


I’m praying for you, mate. Don’t worry, God has it covered.


I know it is Friday the 13th–but–Prevail–I have been dealing w/ anxiety disorders since I was your age and i am now --(ugh) 48–So Faith will help you and you have many supporters–You will be in my prayers Peace and God Bless–Ronnie



Went to the Doc and nothing showed up of any concern. This means I have Panic Disorder.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. I am sure prayers definitely helped believe me.

Now to get my bum in RCIA!



I’m sorry to hear this…you are in my prayers. Also…check with your dr on taking vitamin B-12 and B-6 for calmness…it can help with panic disorders…I just shutter that they will put you ona drug…and not try to naturally find the problem. I will pray that you will find a good dr who will ask the right questions–and cure you of this. God bless.




Dear Snowman…Panic disorders can certainly be treated usually with medication/therapy. I will keep you in daily prayer…Blessings - Barb




I know others that have been through this, you will be fine. Trust in God, He will take care of you.


Finding out any problems with your ticker is a good thing because you are young enough to fight it. That being said, I will pray for your health

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