Prayer for my husband


My husband and I have a 16 yr old adopted daughter who is currently in a mental hospital for at least the next six months. On top of that, today my husband received some news regarding his job that has totally blew him away. He did not expect some reprecussions of somethings he did (things that he should have done, nothing wrong). He is a very loving, caring, trusting man and I thank God everyday for him. Over the past two years though he has been tested and consistantly pushed to his limits and I am scared that he will not have the strength and the grace he needs to get through this new problem. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM. I believe that in the end it will all work out for the best. I am just worried about my husband not being able to see past the next few days.


Your husband has my prayers.


Oh, Lord, I beg of You to help this man through these difficult times. Wrap Your loving arms around him, and give him Your strength and Your peace. In Jesus name we pray.


Will do, prayers going up for your daughter as well.


It’s so hard to endure when you don’t know what’s coming, or what the larger effects will be. Hold fast to hope, and we’ll hold on with you, for both daughter and husband.


Please know that my prayers are with all your family. I admire you for reaching out to ask for prayers.


Praying for your daughter and your husband.


I’m praying for your husband and family.




Very often it is far more difficult to know loved ones are suffering and in difficulty, than if it was oneself. Keeping you and your family in prayer… and God’s Peace - Barb



Praying for your husband and family. :gopray2:


My prayers for your husband and family.


May your husband receive grace and guidance, may your daughter receive healing, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Your dear husband has my prayers, may Gods grace give him strength :signofcross:


:knight1: :gopray: **Praying for your husband & daughter **:signofcross: :knight1:


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