Prayer for my teenage son


Please pray for my son.
He is struggling in High school and no longer cares about his grades.
I am worried for his future.

My beautiful son has suffered alot in his short 16 years and I thought we were past all of it and he was going to work on his future.

Please pray for David.

Thank you


Jesus please flood Your compassionate love and blessing and healing into David’s heart and mind. Help him to recover from whatever ails him.

Please bless this family, Jesus


I have a son that age too. I will pray that God may lead both of them and grant them peace.



I’m praying; those years are so hard.


Praying for David…


Lord Jesus, give David the wisdom to make good choices at this pivotal point in his life and give his parents peace.


Dear Jesus,
Please send Your graces upon David, so that he may overcome the obstacles he is facing in school. Please also pray for his mother and the rest of his family so that they can have the courage to guide him in Your path. You are Lord, forever and ever. In Your holy name I pray, Amen.


Dear Lord, please help David be sucessful in school. Keep him and his family close to you.


Thank you all so very much for your prayers!


Perhaps he is overwhelmed, in over his head with despair. See if you can talk to a counselor for help. And I will storm heaven with prayers to help you and him!


Prayers promised for you all.


Praying for David.


Praying for the Holy Spirit to guide David!





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