Prayer for mystery diagnosis


Please pray that I may find answers regarding my heart and alleviate the pain that goes through the left side of my body and neck. Please give the doctors the knowledge if a miracle is not warranted.




Praying for you now!! :crossrc:


In prayer for your health,

~~ the phoenix


Praying for your health. :crossrc:


Praying for you:signofcross:


You are in my prayers…


Prayers for your health.


:crossrc::crossrc:praying for you…


Thank You all for your Love and Compassion. I am moved by your love. I am in turn praying for God to keep you in his care and bring forth many blessings.

God Bless,



Please pray for me…tomorrow afternoon I get another test done. It is a transcranial doppler. A miracle would be unbelievable, but answers of what to do next or what may be the cause would suffice, if it is God’s will.

Thanks for the prayers,



Praying for you Roo.



The heart doctor has shut the case regarding heart. He feels he has done enough tests to rule out anything with heart. I still have unanswered questions regarding my fast heartbeat (up to 180bpm) that comes out of nowhere. I do get flutters/pain in my heart at times also. However, he feels with my younger age and fitness (I hate when they put you in a box!) that I am not a victim of any heart trouble. I am happy to know that tests came back ok, but I am frustrated to see that I still do not have answers.

I am dealing with a nuerologist now. He has been more of a doctor to me than my family doctor. Actually, better than any doctor I have ever encountered. I pray that he keeps me in the right direction. I am seeing a physical therapist (neurologist’s advise), due to possible nerve damage from upper neck. They are speculating that it could be the cause of face, neck, head, and arm pain along with tingling in these areas. It still doesn’t explain my heart.

This may take some time, but will keep all posted.

Thanks again for all of your prayers,




I am still praying for you…

Please don’t take this wrong… My brother had weird symptoms that weren’t related to each other… He went from one specialist to another… None of the specialist ever fount what was wrong… I think it was because we prayed for him before each apointment.

Maybe God has healed your heart already!!


Will keep you in prayer, Roo


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