Prayer for our finances

Hubby and I are victims of credit fraud.

We are in the process of doing all that we can do! We have notified the police and are in the process of notifying all our creditors. To insure that everything is okay, and to give us the protection that we need.

NO advice on what we need or shouldn’t do… We are handling that.

However I’m just in need for prayers…
Prayers that we get though this…
Prayers that in the end everything will work out…

Also pray for hubby he is out of state for business. Pray that he can make it safely back home. (That’s what sucks the most, Hubby is out of state and I’m left to deal with this alone)

Please pray that we get through this…


I am praying for you! :gopray2:

Oh, how horrible! I pray that Mary will take care of everything and that it will all be sorted out.


I really need them…

We know for sure that our checking account was hit…

We are still trying to clear things with our other creditors.

Prayers and more prayers need….


I’m so sorry for you, that’s terrible. I will pray for your family. God bless all of you.

I’m so sorry! We had a friend get hit for $3000 out of his bank a few weeks ago.

I’ll pray for you and for whomever did this to you.

I’m so tired. I’m emotionally drained…
I just want to get in a whole and hided…

We’ve gotten a hold of about ½ of the people and agencies that need to be called and notified, etc.
If hubby was here we’ve most likely could have done it all today… but with him being out of state it just didn’t happen.

Who knew that there was so much that had to be done when something like this happens?

My children are real sweet hearts and they just melt my heart today. DD, who is 5, heard me say that I have a headache. So what does she do? She climbs into my lap and starts rubbing my head. I asked her what is she doing and she said helping me feel better. I just started crying then…

Of course the children don’t know fully what is going on… The only thing they know is that someone took our money…

What a day! I’m going to go to bed or at least try to get some sleep.

Thank you all for you prayers!!!
They mean the world to me and to my family!!!

May God bless you all!!!

I totally understand how your friend feels!!! It’s amazing how fast thousands of dollars can be gone in just a matter of minutes.

Thank you for your prayers.

That never crossed my mind… Yes it’s true that the person or persons that did to us need prayers too.

I don’t know if I can offer a prayer myself for them. I feel so hurt right now… However thank you for praying for them.

When I have the strength I will do the same

Prayers are on there way. :gopray:

I’ll be the first to admit that praying for someone who hurt you or who hurt a friend of yours is very hard - the prayer kinda sticks in my throat. I pray that their conscience will kick in and they turn to the Lord for forgiveness, and I also pray that they will be caught, so justice will be served, too.

Yes it does… And if you are able to do it, it more like just saying the words without meaning.


Once again thank you all for the prayers…
It was a ruff night last night I didn’t sleep well…

May God bless all of you.

:gopray2: :gopray2:

Prayers right now as I am going to sleep, with your intention and the others I have, I am so sorry this happened to your family and am really impressed with your little angel:)

Prayers for your husbands safe return home also.:slight_smile:

Thank-you for all the prayers!
We are in great need of them…

I wish I can say that this is all taken care of but it’s NOT.

Hubby is going to be flying home tonight.
Please pray that he makes it home tonight.

I just pray that our finances get back on track.
This is so hard to deal with…

I had no idea what this can do to people.
Thank you for all your prayers…

Pray that the person/people that did to us have remorse and receive a “right” judgment/conscience. So they don’t do this to others…

Thank you all for your prayers!

God Bless all of you!

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