Prayer for Possible Job Opportunity


Hello all!
I just got a call about a possible job opportunity opening up for me to be a teacher of a lower level math class. I’m currently in a job in a law firm and I’m very unhappy and unfairly treated (the rest of our office has to deal with the same–no lunch–no breaks–told when we are to take sick days–horrible hours, etc.). This is not the particlar teaching job I wanted but its still a teaching job, plus I would be working with students who really need help. Please pray for me in making this decision and that God leads me in the right direction whether it be taking the new job or keeping my other one. Prayer works and I know that whatever happens will be for the best. Thanks!


My prayers are with you AngelRose!



I’ll pray that you get it. :yup:


You have made my list, AngelRose!


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