Prayer for Ramadan

During our Prayers of the Faithful, we had one specifically for Muslims to have a spiritual and holy Ramadan. I don’t remember the exact verbiage, but it was not for e.g. unity or peace with Muslims in general, but actually toward their specific religious intentions for Ramadan.

While I am not upset by this per se, I did find it a little odd. Would this be any different than praying for a Hindu to be blessed with prosperity during Diwali? Or a Scientologist’s fulfillment during an e-meter session?

Or do we share a commonality with Muslims that makes this targeted prayer less strange than I’m inferring?

My only prayer for Ramadan is that they leave Islam and come to know Christ through his one, holy, catholic and apostolic church.

I think we both worship the God of Abraham.

Where is your Church? Is it in a muslim area?

It’s in the Midwestern U.S. We don’t have a large Muslim population at all.

That’s funny…


If it was in an area with a high Muslim population those prayers would have been there to encourage multiculturalism but as there aren’t any interactions with Islam the prayers weren’t really needed.

I doubt very much they would pray we have a holy lent. you should check with either your priest or worship director as to why that was done. since you are not in an area with alot of Muslems, someone thought they should use the prayers of the faithful to be multicultural.

Hey - we had the “same” prayer as well at Mass tonight. I thought it a little “strange” since we have never had this before.

Although, as another poster said, they think we both worship the God of Abraham. True, however, so do the Jews, yet Muslims and Jews don’t accept the Trinity of God, so their understanding of God is different than ours.

According to the USCCB:

  1. The series of intentions is usually to be:

a) for the needs of the Church;

b) for public authorities and the salvation of the whole world;

c) for those burdened by any kind of difficulty;

d) for the local community.

I am not sure how a prayer for Ramadan fits into that series. :shrug:

Weird. I wonder how many parishes did that.

To those whose parishes did say a prayer for Ramadan, call the parish office and ask what the exact wording was. It may be that it was a prayer for conversion, but just oddly worded. Detroit and other part of the midwest do have large Muslim populations, so it may be a prayer that came from the diocese or interdiocese group.

i am in the diocese of Detroit and that did not happen in the mass I attended today.
I agree with you that OP should contact the priest or worship director for clarification.

This is very odd. You need to talk to your pastor.


It is right and proper to honor the holy intentions of all people of good will, regardless of their membership. If a billion people are going to be spending a month fasting and praying to God, however imperfectly they view Him, then it is a holy thing, and as such is a very Catholic thing they are doing, and honoring holiness is big in our faith.

My prayer for Muslims during Ramadan is that in the physical hunger they feel with fasting they may find a hungering for Christ the Lord whom they reject.

This is really what I was going for in the OP. Considering the different levels of communion with other religious groups in descending order - Catholics, Orthodox Christians, other Christians, and “others” (into which Muslims, Scientologists, Hindus, etc. fall), can I infer that within “other,” there are those with whom we share an Abrahamic God and therefore deserve our prayers not just for their conversion but for their holy intentions? And if they do not share our Abrahamic God, we would not/should not pray for their holy intentions?

For example, when Hindus practice their worship of the deity Shakti through nine-day fast during Navratri, is an intention appropriate at Mass? Or is the fact that they do not worship a single God the defining characteristic that would not make it worthy of our prayer? I guess what I’m trying to do is find the logical conclusion of intentions of this sort.

Your question about what level of intention we belive those of other faiths have and how we pray for them would probably get better answers in the Moral Theology forum.

The question about what can or should be in the Prayers of the Faithful can’t really be answered until we know what the prayer was. Call the parish office tomorrow and let us know. I am very curious now!

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