Prayer for safety


Hi All,

My children and I are flying to Kansas City tom. and Im afraid of flying.:o Please pray for peace of mind for me.

Also, pray that we make it there and back safely. I will also be driving across Missouri. I am going to visit family and a friend I met here on CAF:D

Once I get there safely please pray that whatever I do ,I glorify God to everyone I encounter.:thumbsup:
I have been praying as well as I get pangs of fear:thumbsup: But I figure corporate prayer doesnt hurt;) AMEN!!!

Thank you so much:D
God Bless


Praying!!! Have a safe and peaceful trip. May the angels guide your way.


Praying for your safe travel and return…


Prayers going up…


Prayers for safe travel! And have a good time, too.:slight_smile:


Thank you all:D


you and your family are in my prayer. May the Holy Spirit guide you in everything you do.

Have a safe and great trip!


:gopray2: Praying :amen:


Your welcome. Of couse, we expect travel photos when you come back.:slight_smile:


I pray that your travel is safe, and that God blesses your trip.




Prayers for you!


Will keep your intentions in prayer…



Travelling mercies for you & yours!!:gopray2:


Praying for a safe journey. :gopray:




My son will be flying home this weekend and I ask prayers for his safe trip. Thanks.


I pray for your safety, you to have nerves of steel, and that everytime you think you panic, it’s a Mama Mary comming at you that sends you into gails of laughter:thumbsup:


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