Prayer For The Giants?

OK, I’m feeling a little remorseful despite all the happiness in my family. After Tyree’s circus catch in the 4th, I started praying the Hail Mary, but with great reverence…

My husband chided me because I had just yelled at the Giant’s defense to drive Brady’s head into the ground. I didn’t want him hurt- just very frazzled.

My 12 year old was with us & joined me, also respectfully, though. OK, is that horrible & a bad example, or what?

Didn’t one of the Jints catchers cross himself in the end zone?

Yes! I think that was Plaximo Buress. He said after that he had said a prayer (either to win or make that catch, I’m not sure), & that if God answered his prayer he would give God the glory. That’s why he crossed himself. I love when athletes are courageous enough to say something like that in an interview!

I was just shocked that my football prayers were answered. I had prayed for the Irish all year and they had a horrible time this year and only won 2 games.

I was acutally not going to watch the Super bowl until i read this article.

This guy went to west point with a friend of mine so i decided to pull for the Giants…

:rotfl: I think about 95% of the country felt the same way you did.

I bet you’re right,lol. I told my husband Jesus understands about football, then I held my breath for the next play…:o

Nothing wrong with the prayer. God hears all prayers, great and small.

As long as your prayer wasn’t for evil intentions, why not? I have prayed to have my sports teams win a number of times.

Wow, beckers, thanks for that link. I had seen the last minute or 2 of a story about that officer & the Giants on one of the morning shows, but not enough to know what happened. Looks like the Giants were inspired by a true HERO. (& I’m sorry your Irish had a tough season…)

Thanks, He Man. My husband had me feeling a little guilty that I had set a bad example. I feel better knowing CAF folks do the same thing…

You can certainly count me in with that group:o :blush::D.

Yup, I saw that interview. Totally cool.

GO JINTS! :smiley:

That’s Plaxico, BTW.

Our parish priest yesterday stepped up to the altar and solemnly intoned, “the Mass intention for today is for the victory of the New York Giants in the Super Bowl.”

After a second of stunned silence, Fr. John said, “I’m just kidding.”

Hmmm, I wonder. He ALWAYS picks the winning team every year!

It was touch and go for awhile. I’ve been following his progress on the army website since he’s done a few interviews and they showed him walking in the new hopsital facilites or at the Army and Navy game i believe. What an amazing man and father. I am sure he could still use everyone’s prayers because it can’t be easy on the family. He’s story is absolutley amazing.

I was shocked to see his story on ESPN because i had heard about Greg back in May when his accident happened. I just figured he was an old college buddy of my friends who need prayers. Guess he was part of the equation for this great run by the Giants. Nice to see that both the manning brothers were able to do what their father never was able to do. Win a Championship.

Though it was hard to pull against the Pats because Wes W went to my college while i was there but atleast Wes played good unlike Tom “I’m such a pretty boy that i have to date a supermodel and you should just give me the championship” Brady…Go Red Raiders!!!

My Irish are going through a rough patch at the moment. Don’t know if any amount of prayers can help them…

I’ll say a prayer for him, and I think this man is inspiring a lot of people. The tail end of the show I saw him on mentioned that he works with soldiers that have been injured more recently than he has. Quite an individual. Thanks again.

Oh, I know what you mean, Lexee15. Wasn’t that just the most amazing game? I wanted the Giants to win so badly!!

I think you’re on to something there, bluerose, but he sounds like a pretty cool priest ( not that a priest HAS to be cool, but it helps sometimes…). My Mom’s priest said something like: Today is Superbowl Sunday, Tuesday is Super Tuesday, & Wednesday is Super Ash Wednesday for Christians.

Duz u attend mah parish? :eek:

Unless Fr. John is able to bilocate, don’t think so… I see you’re on the east coast and I’m in New Mexico! :stuck_out_tongue:

However, my hubby and his family are originally from Schenectady, NY (although hubby is a die-hard Cowboys fan… or he’ll take the Jets or any other NY team) so maybe there is a connection there somehow!

Of course, BIL insists that the only TRUE NY team are the Buffalo Bills (becuz they’re the only team that actually plays IN the state of NY :rolleyes: ) so I asked him if he knew the area code for Buffalo.

It’s 044 (oh-for-four, get it? :smiley: )

And we all know that BILLS is actually an acronym for:

Boy I Love Losing Superbowls!” :rotfl:

(oh, I kill me… or somebody else would sure like to!)

I’m a lifelong Giants fan exiled to the Frozen Cheese Tundra for the past 28 years. Actually the NFC Championship was my dream game which I had never hoped to see. And it even came out right.

Anyway, my pastor for the first 20-some years here in the greater Green Bay metroplex did not find it appropriate to offer prayer for Packer victories. On game days, however, he would concede a prayer that everyone in the congregation who was going to the game would leave the stadium happy.

I disremember the name, but the old AFL Bills had a Butkus-type player who could dominate games. My brother’s father-in-law used to recall how their parish priest would yell at the television “Kill ‘im [insert forgotten name], I’ll give ya’ absolution!” The story was somehow enhanced by the fact that all the names involved (priest, player, f-i-l) were distinctively Polish.

Anyway, if you want to perform a real act of charity, pray for Tiki Barber.


Dahahaaaa! For months after that one, whenever someone made an embarrassing mistake that resulted in catastrophe, we accused him of ‘pulling a Norwood.’ :wink:

Anyway our Jints fan Fadda has a different name.

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