Prayer for the precious unborn souls 13th day


Dear Lord, help us to help others to understand that the precious unborn are souls that are meant to be born. We will continue to to help those to understand that the unborn are being sent down to precious mother earth to have their lives and to do your will. Amen. May all that care for the unborn, please pray for them. Godbless All.


Lord - please be with all mothers who are pregnant and thinking of abortion. Give them the strength and courage to continue with their pregnancies and to give their children life.

Pour down your mercy and grace onto those who have suffered the trauma of abortion. Help them to know the power of your healing love. Give them the strength to seek out the help which they so desperately need.

I pray for all of the unborn - especial for my precious daughter, Madison Grace. I know that these children are with you…they know only happiness in Your sight. Mother Mary - be a mother to our children in heaven while we are separated. Give us the perseverance until the end - when we can see our children again - we know this will be a happy day.


Dear Lord… help us to see YOU in the precious unborn. Help us to remember that YOU, were once a “Precious Unborn” in the Immaculate Womb of Your Holy Mother.

Precious “Unborn Jesus”… have Mercy on us. Our Lady of Guadalupe… pray for us. Amen.


Thank you MrsMeganMc for your prayer for the unborn. Your prayer along with many others is truly powerful. Have no doubt that Madison Grace your angel is sitting beside our saviour and is doing her part as an angel of God. Godbless you and feel Gods loving warmth around you.


Thank you MarieVeronica. Your prayer is powerful. Godshines upon you. Godbless you always.


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