Prayer for the precious unborn souls 36th day


Dear Lord help us to help others to understand that the precious unborn are souls that are meant to be born. We will continue to help those to understand that the unborn are being sent down to precious mother earth to have their lives and to do your will. Dear Lord please Hear my prayer. Amen. May all that care for the unborn please pray that they are born, not aborted.


Dear Lord… help us to see YOU in the precious unborn. Help us to remember that YOU, were once a “Precious Unborn” in the Immaculate Womb of Your Holy Mother.

Precious “Unborn Jesus”… have Mercy on us. Our Lady of Guadalupe… pray for us. Amen.


I’m totally pro-life but sometimes i think its better to not come into this world… where it is so easy to lose one’s soul…

In any case, if anyone ever tried to use this statement as an argument for abortion i would say:

God’s will be done. God does not create life just so some non-God can destroy it.

If you can’t create life, you shouldn’t kill it…

and it seems to be God’s will that we live in this world - a testing ground…


“distracted” This reminds me of the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”. The main character… George… says to the angel… “I suppose it would have been better had I never been born at all”; The angel uses this idea… to show George how terrible the world would have been… without him.

Somehow, I think that God would agree with the message of that movie. That each man, woman and child… are so pricelessly irreplaceable; so completely unrepeatable; and of such infinite worth and value, that the loss of even ONE… is a tragedy beyond our imagining. :nope:

I understand the feelings you’re expressing… of sadness, at the loss of even one soul :console: It is a catastrophe. And your message is a great reminder of the value of life… and that we must strive always, to live our lives as God’s children.

It’ll be so worth it… when we reach Heaven. Huh? :wink:

God bless.


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