Prayer For The Precious Unborn Souls Day 246


Dear Lord help us to help others to understand that the precious unborn souls are meant to be born. We will continue to help others to understand that the unborn are being sent down to precious mother earth to have their lives and to do your will. Dear Lord please hear my prayer. Amen. May all that care for the unborn please pray they are born.


Dear Lord… help us to see YOU in the precious unborn. Help us to remember that YOU, were once a " Precious Unborn" in the Immaculate Womb of Your Holy Mother.

:heart: Precious “Unborn Jesus”… have Mercy on us. :heart: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the precious unborn… pray for us. :heart: Holy Innocents, victims of abortion… pray for us. Amen.



Please continue to watch over the unborn. Help those pregnant mothers, of all ages, who are in the position of making one of the biggest decisions of their life, to choose life, as Our Mother Queen of Heaven did when she had You. Also, be with those babies, close to their side, holding their little hands, as they die, and Jesus walk them into the gates of heaven, so they can have the Holy Trinities love. More love can come from the Holy Trinity than from any human on earth possess.



please bless the souls of those smallest children who are as of yet unborn. Teach us all how to best serve the most vulnerable. Oh my Jesus forgive us our sins. Save us from the fires of hell. Lead all souls to heaven, especially those most in need of thy mercy (and protection). Bless the Holy Father and the brother bishops with him, so that the unborn will forever have an advocate here on earth.

God bless “Toby” and “Elaini”.


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