Prayer for those who work in Bereavement Ministry


Could you please pray for those working in Bereavement Ministry. They give so much to our churches. Counseling those who are grieving from Loss, Suffering and Pain. We had a special Mass that was put together by those involved in this. I was just amazed how many people just needed a chance to let down in church and cry. Every age and every possible need. My dad died in Feb. I just had night realized how much I needed to be able to just release all the sadness and loss. I have posted many times how much I needed prayer for family concerns. I may not be able to change the situation but God is changing me because people are praying. I just wanted to thank them and those who pray on this site for what has been happening. I hope that your parish has such a program.


Praying for those who work in this Ministry and those suffering losses…


LORD Jesus
Help Ur Children


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