Prayer for Thursday, Aug. 23


Thank you to all who have continued praying for me in the past with my OCD problems. Please continue to keep me in your prayers for this Thursday, August 23rd. About this time last year, I had an ovarian cyst removed and I have reoccuring symptoms that may be telling me I have one on my right cyst that needs removing. I’m very worried about this, especially given my fear of death. But, I keep telling myself that Jesus is walking with me like a friend, and no matter what the circumstance, he is already there ready to help me take care of it. So, the ultrasound is on the 23rd. Please keep praying for me.

Thank you!


August 23rd. Got it.
Praying for you.


Praying for you. Please let us know how it turns out, too.


You have my prayers…


My prayers for you too :crossrc:


LORD Goretti needs you to heal her and make her whole and let it be that the exam will show no cyst formation at all . Lord I thank you , you are our healer , in the name of our saviour Jesus ! amen , / John


Keeping you in prayer!


Will pray hard for you Goretti72. I will dedicate my attendance at Mass on the 23rd for the success of your operation and that you will succeed in coping with your OCD.







Continued prayers for you!

~~ the phoenix


I’ll be keeping you in my prayers. :gopray:


Praying for you…:crossrc: :gopray2: :crossrc:


Keep us posted !! Praying for you right now!!


Hope everything went OK for you Goretti72. I have been praying hard for you today. Please let us know how you made out.



Jesus you have said that we should not live in a spirit of fear and we know that you conquered death. Although at times it is difficult for each of us to prepare for that. I ask that you would bring your Mercy to this situation. Give this woman the strength to face whatever it is you have for to do in life. We would not want her to have cont’d health problems, as we would not want anyone to have health problems. We know these things are not of you but of this world, so I ask that you would arm this young woman with strength she gets from knowing that you are her Savior. Bring clarity to this situation for her, not uncertainty of doctors, but clarity. Ultimately give her your peace and the greatest graces to endure these and future trials. Continue to draw her to yourself, she will find great comfort there. And should the outcome be swimmingly swell- may she continue to grow in knowledge of You continuing with the tasks You have set for her. Amen.


Praying that all went well today.


All of your prayers have brought tears to my eyes and warmed my heart because it is good to know how much people care. I had my doctor’s appointment this afternoon and he could only find a tiny cyst that is follicular (non-cancerous) and nothing to fear!!
I am so grateful to the Lord who has made this possible and to all of you who have kept me in your thoughts and prayers. God bless each and every one of you.

I will keep you, my prayer warriors, in my prayers always.


Yea! I’m so happy for you!


Great news! Giving thanks… Gratius

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