Prayer for Trishie, Judi, Pop, Diane and Tarek


I know I have missed many of the faithful who pray every day for those who come here for comfort and prayers but Lord Jesus please bless Trishie, Judi, Pop, diane, Tarek, Cassie and the countless members of this forum who are inspirations to the rest of us, who through their faith and their sacrifices show us the christian way of life and through their devotion to others enrich all of our lives. Please Lord Jesus bless them and comfort them, provide special blessings to them for their service and their inspiration to us all, reward them and their families for the strength of how they live their lives and how much they mean to us. Heal their pain and that of their family, provide for them in any of their hours of need and reward over and over for all the service they provide as only you can, In Your Holy Name I pray, Amen




Thank you, Michael
Amen to your prayers for our needs.

And may the Lord Jesus bless you and comfort you, and provide special blessings to you, Michael, and all our sisters and brothers who come here.
May the prayer that you pray for us also come before God as prayer for you, your life, and all your loved ones.
May He heal all that wounds you and your loved ones, and unite your family in grace, happiness, and peace.

Michael, and everyone, each of you come with goodwill, and humility, and in hope and trust.
You come to the forums with your needs for yourselves or for others, your prayer requests,
and so many, like you, Michael, remain to pray for others.
May God thank each of you.


Amen (for them and for so many others.):signofcross:


Amen! What special people.



Holy Mary, Virgin Mother of God, pray for us.




Loving God,

Please bless these folks and continue to strengthen them in this contribution to your people. Each of these individuals is a real treasure, a humble selfless and focused pray-er, and a joy and source of compassion and hope to so many who come to this forum needing your love and inspiration.

Bless each one and all who support them in their ministry.



Amen. May God bless them all!


You are one.
Your prayers are deeply responsive to each person’s need. Your prayers for others are deeply and sincerely spiritual and human. You pray quietly and faithfully, with warmth and gentleness. May God bless you.


Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of death.




My prayers for EVERYONE!





For all the ones mentioned a continuous prayer, and for Georgia, for Grandma gor, for each and every member of this forum who spend their time praying for others, may all their prayersa be answered and may they be blessed many, many times over for their devotion to your son Jesus and to others, may their reward be blessings in this world as well as the next as you Father , the one God forever and ever, can do all things and who through all things are possible, though I as your humble servant may not have the faith of even a mustard seed God grant my prayers for all these people because you know how much they deserve your grace comfort and peace, how much each can use yopur healing and how members of their family can be and need to be healed , grant these prayers in Jesus holy name amen


Dear michaelcollins …
I really want to thank you for your generous prayer in your new thread…
Our blessed mother wants us to enlighten the world with prayers, I’ m trying to fullfil my part.
I would also, through you, thank all who request prayers for they lead us to be close to our Lord.
God bless all of you.
Warmly … Tarek


Tarek,thank you for the time spent in prayers for those in need I know our lord will have a special place for you and others like you in heaven but I also pray he provides special gifts and provides for all your needs here on earth. your time and concern for others I hope will be rewarded here as it wioll be in heaven. I know God knows your good deeds but if you are rewarded so many more can look as say see how God provided for his servant, I pray you have all your needs and your wants met as well as the others mentioned and unnamed who are celbrated by this thread, In Jesus name amen


I pray that all of you who serve Jesus by serving others are provided the rewards you so justly are entitled to here on earth as well as in heaven, and that all your needs are met, spiritually, physically emotionally and financially, in Jesus name I pray, amen




Praying for Trishie, Judi, Pop, Diane … and for you michaelcollins

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