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Last Sunday, my wife collapsed in the church parking lot on the way to Mass. She was unresponsive for a minute, or so. We went to the doctor within the hour and it was initially diagnosed as some kind of a seizure. My wife and daughter noticed shaking, but I was apparently looking at her face too closely to notice. Afterwards, she also commented on half of her body feeling numb, but she did pass the stroke tests at the doctor’s office. We had the MRI this week, and they have found a (possible) small tumor in the frontal lobe. If it’s not a tumor, the message indicated that it may be damage caused by a small stroke. (We have asked for an MRI in the past for issues, but the doctor declined–attributing some symptoms to stress-related issues.) Not only would I greatly appreciate prayer for my wife, but I’d appreciate prayer regarding my own anger towards the doctor—who announced these results via e-mail shortly before leaving for a long weekend.

If anyone out there with a medical background might also shed some light on treatment options, any general thoughts or shared experience would be appreciated. Thank you.


Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of our death.


I am praying for you and your wife.



I am so sorry to hear this news about your wife. I will most certainly keep her in my prayers and rosaries and you as well. As for doctors, well, they can be a challenge. Hopefully you’ll find the right one. I will pray that the Holy Spirit will guide to the proper physician. I will also ask St. Luke, the Physician, to intercede on your behalf. All will be well.



Keeping you and your wife in my prayers…


Praying for you and your wife.


I will hold you in my prayers tonight, May God bring you peace of mind towards the doctor.

Through the touch of Jesus Christ, power of the holy spirit, and love of God may your family make it through this very tough time. St. Anothony of padua my patron and helper I ask of you with the greatest intentions to help this family find the way while they are lost in distress, help them find eachother in this time of need and rely on their love for one another for comfort.

Our Father…

Hail mary…

Glory Be…

                 May God Bless you and your family I hold you in the deepest of my prayers.  Love and Peace of Christ to you.


Praying very hard for your wife’s recovery!


Thank you for the prayers.


Dear Friends:

We just wanted to share with everyone the latest regarding Kimberly’s health–as well as a serious thank you all for the prayers. Thank God for good news! We spent an hour and a half talking with the neurologist this evening. To make a long story short(er), the doctor believes that Kim suffered a small stroke. This might have even taken place in her sleep. The stroke caused a lesion to form in this (non-critical or quiet) area of the frontal lobe. In turn, it’s believed that the lesion then resulted in that seizure in the church parking lot last month. Small areas of stroke damage like this usually heal with no complications. The doctor says that there is only a 5% chance, or so, of her suffering another related stroke. She started aspirin therapy tonight to try to mitigate this threat a bit in the short term.

While, the doctor can’t say with absolute certainty that it is not a tumor, she is quite confident that it is only a lesion (blocking but non-leaking) based on its characteristics as seen on the MRI. Even if it is found to be a tumor, however, the size and location would not make it life threatening. That it is not life threatening is really the most important news to take away tonight.

So, for the next couple of weeks, Kimberly is going to be put through many, many tests before we leave for Dallas, Texas later this month. The tests will range from blood work (testing for about a page worth of things) to a second MRI and a new EKG. These tests will try to determine the root cause of that initial stroke–e.g. her hypertension.

We just wanted to thank everyone again for their prayers, and wish you all a wonderful and meaningful Christmas. We’re looking forward to visiting the lights of the Grotto in Portland this Saturday, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to really experience Christmas this year–instead of being caught up in worries. God bless!

Karl & Kimberly Erickson


Karl, it’s great to know that you wife’s health problem isn’t as serious as first feared, and that the underlying issues are treatable. So, you, Kimberly and the family will have a peaceful and happy Christmas.
I thank God, and ask Him to continue to keep you all safe and happy.


i will pray for you and your wife that hopefully you will know whats really the cause of this. God bless you and your family.


Your wife will be in my prayers as well , may Lord grant her good results to all medical tests and analyses , may God grant her recovery and complete healing after small stroke , may you and your family have a great Christmas season full of peace and happiness .
In Jesus Holy healing Name , Amen

Hail Mary… Glory Be…Amen


Im sorry to hear that about your wife, you and your wife will be in my prayers and that she will be healthy and okay:gopray:


Well, finally, a little bit of good news!!! I will be keeping your wife in prayer and your family. I hope you have a comforting, loving Christmas with your wife!



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