Prayer in Gone With The Wind

Watched the movie classic Gone With The Wind a few nights ago.
And to my surprise, in the first 10 to 20 minutes of the movie the family sits around the living room saying a prayer that I quickly recognised as the “new” I confess from the mass.
…Through my fault, through my fault, through my most grevious fault…etc
So I assume the new I Confess is fairly old given that Gone With The Wind is 60 years old or so.
Does anybody know the origins of this I Confess we now say in the new liturgy?

Oh yes, very old (don’t know exactly how old tho). Your ‘new’ ‘I confess’ is actually a return to the prayer as traditionally said. :slight_smile:

History of the Confiteor -

The FAQ section here is quite helpful -

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That’s very interesting. Thanks for pointing it out!

They also say the Rosary. You won’t find that in any popular movies today. GWTW was made in 1939.

I beg your pardon? Yes you will. The Rosary, the Our Father and Psalm 23 all appeared in X-men 2!


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