Prayer in the Church

****I just have a small question.

Does your Parish still say: Lord hear our Prayer?

mine no longer does it. every sunday we have a different saying.

something like: Jesus or Lord save us, or Lor… i cant remember all since it changes every Sunday.

thanks everyone.

I have heard there are changes coming to the Mass.

yes, the new Missal. but do you still say Lord hear our Prayer in your Parish?

I don’t know what purpose changing the response every Sunday serves, but there are many responses that can be used. “Lord, hear us.” “Lord, hear our prayer.” “Lord, have mercy.”

My parish still says “Lord, hear our prayer.”

Yes, our parish still says “Lord, hear our prayer.”

Ours too!

thanks guys. i dont know why they keep change to something complete different. i dont know if this licit or illicit.

Mine still says it.

“Lord have mercy” (Kyrie eleison) is a perfectly acceptable response, and follows the model of the Litanies.

Maybe they’re using a different list of intentions. Like in the Liturgy of the Hours, it has the Intentions of the day and you say a different response every day.

Where I live they say “Lord hear our Prayers” but when I was working in KS they say “Hear us, O Lord” and I always said it wrong the first time! :blush:

This is from the USCCB’s website, not the GIRM, but it is a description of the GIRM (I can’t ever find a good online resource for the GIRM).

  1. It is for the priest celebrant to direct this prayer from the chair. He himself begins it with a brief introduction, by which he invites the faithful to pray, and likewise he concludes it with a prayer. The intentions announced should be sober, be composed freely but prudently, and be succinct, and they should express the prayer of the entire community.

The intentions are announced from the ambo or from another suitable place, by the deacon or by a cantor, a lector, or one of the lay faithful.68

The people, however, stand and give expression to their prayer either by an invocation said together after each intention or by praying in silence.

The website is:

It doesn’t say that the faithful MUST say “Lord, hear our prayer”.

We still say “Lord hear our prayer” during the prayer of the Faithful. But during the Intercessions in the LOTH it changes every time. The intercessions will sound alot like the Prayer of the Faithful.

The web site you linked to is the GIRM.

:blush: Oh, nice! I’m glad I could find the right resource, even when I don’t know it! Must be from all these other smart people on CAF that show me where to look! :wink:

So, then, it doesn’t look like there is a specific response required right? The priest can give the faithful A response to say, or could even request silence?

Right, there is no set (universal) response… silence is even an acceptable response.

We say it, among the other’s that have been mentioned (which is licit).

Thinking about it, we have a small group that writes the POTF each week. I wonder if they are rotating the responses or if different authors are allowed to pick their favorites.

I’m surprised how many parishes *recite *the response to the Prayer of the Faithful.

My parish always sings the response on Sundays. The setting for the response is usually changed seasonally. It’s usually some variation on, “Lord, hear our prayer,” but seldom exactly, “Lord, hear our prayer.”

We say ‘Lord hear our prayer’ about five or six times, depending on the number of petitions. One Sunday I went to the main church of our parish and they said something much longer. I couldn’t catch what they were saying so I kept silent.

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