Prayer in the movie Patton

I've always enjoyed the movie 'Patton' and I especially enjoyed the scene where Patton summons his head chaplain and asks him to pray for better weather.

There is a great article on the prayer and the priest who wrote it on inside catholic

The link is Here

What a cool story! I never knew of this prayer.

I like General Patton-old 'Blood and Guts'. My kind of general!

He liberated Orleans, France, you know; the city that St. Joan of Arc liberated from the English in the Hundred Years' War. When I was in Orleans in 1985, I saw a small memorial in front of the Town Hall (next to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross) that marked the spot where Patton announced the city's freedom from the Nazi tyranny. In fact, May 8th, the day that St. Joan raised the siege of Orleans in 1429, was the day that World War II in Europe ended.

hello everyone and happy new year.

Nice, very nice story. I’ve always liked General Patton. Out in the field with his troops. now thats a general I would follow as well as General McAurther General Westmoreland
all field generals, in the trenches with thier troops.:thumbsup:
jesus g

Wow, I’ve never read that before. Very, very cool. Thanks for that!:thumbsup:

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