Prayer Intentions forum issue

I hope this doesn’t come out wrong, but is there any way to limit the Prayer Intentions forum? I view this site on my phone which has a little screen and I often have to scroll through page after page of threads where people open a years’ old prayer intention topic and just put the text of a Hail Mary in there. Some users will go through and do this to many of them so it floods the forum with these “updated” threads.

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Yes, if you go to ‘preferences’ on your profile, and then ‘categories’, you can use the mute option so it won’t show up on the new or latest updated thread lists.

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Perfect! Thanks so much.


What you call “do this” we call praying. We are actually saying a prayer for someone that asked for prayers. Your use of the word update insinuates that we aren’t actually doing anything.

Yes, please do turn off any or all subforums that annoy you so much that you feel the need to start a thread about it.


@JacobF didn’t say that.

I was thinking about this problem earlier today, and how I miss the Prayer Intentions category since I muted it months ago, but I had to mute it because it so often floods the Latest listing, which is my preferred way to identify active discussions on CAF.

It’s nothing against prayers, of course. It’s just that I would rather see a list of discussions. Muting the Prayer Intentions category does that for me.


I have it muted, but it’s pretty easy for me to click it from Categories and visit it.

Also I set my Notifications so that any brand new prayer threads show in Notifications. That way I’m remided to contribute to a new thread from time tto time.


I’ll try that!

I did that partly because it’s the new prayer threads that in my experience need the most help. Someone starts a new prayer thread, but it can get quickly buried under 100 old threads that our dedicated prayer warriors are adding prayers to, causing them all to pop to the top of “Latest”, which might discourage the person who just started the new thread.

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