Prayer Intentions


I just wanted to ask if it’s okay to have many intentions when praying (specifically the Rosary). I have recently started praying the Rosary daily and I find that I have so many intentions to pray for and I feel like I should say separate prayers for all of them. Can I just say all the intentions and then pray the Rosary? Thank you for your help and suggestions.


If you have many intentions, you can say one decade or one hail Mary per intention. I sometimes say before each Hail Mary the names of people I’m praying for.


My dear friend Diana

I see your new. welcome aboard. It’s great you picked the greatest prayer we can offer our Blessed Mother. Don’t fret over such things. You can offer it for what you like. Perhaps make a list of your intentions and assign a % to each. Be sure to do this when you offer your whole day with your morning offering too. If I may say given you’ve just started this devotion - try hard to put a lot of love into your rosary and give this to your Blessed Mother. This is what she wants most of all. I’ll pray for you.

God bless you:)



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