Prayer intentions?

I was wondering what are prayer intentions vs pettitions? In protestant ciricles I heard they call them pettitions.

And how do we know when our intentions are answered???

Greetings to you and may the peace of our Lord be with you…

I myself believe that they are one and the same and as for “knowing” when they will be answered you should know that its all about faith. When I bring my prayer petitions before our Lord I already know that He WILL answer them in His own time and in His own way. I truly believe that He, out of His infinite wisdom and His unconditional love for me will grant all that I ask in His name as He said he would but I also believe He will do it in His own way. I am ever so thankful that He does not grant my wishes like a magic genie because I would foul up my life every time just as I do when I do not seek His wisdom before making any major decisions.

Stand firm in your faith and know that He is on the job and that He loves you!!!

God bless!!! :wink:

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