Prayer is the most comforting thing I’ve ever experienced

My prayer life has not been consistent. Even though I’ve been a professed Christian for a few years, I’ve never had as good a prayer life as I should have. In fact, I’ve gone a long way through my “Christian” life with a nonexistent prayer life. There have been many times when I’d remember to pray, but for some reason I would choose to ignore it, even though I’d have nothing better to do. There have been times when I’ve done things in the past just to distract myself from being able to pray, and I still don’t understand why I do this, especially since I am a self-proclaimed Christian. But this is something I hope to drastically change, because prayer is the most comforting thing I’ve ever experienced. It is so extremely comforting to know that I have a Heavenly Father who is unchanging and always there if only I choose to seek Him. In this ever-changing world of loss, doubt, and pain, I have an infinitely good, powerful, loving, and knowing Heavenly Father who will never change nor leave my side. I find indescribable joy in this. When my ex-boyfriend suddenly left me after I’d become convinced that I’d found my one-and-only, I was crushed. I went an entire seven months grieving over that loss. But when I prayed to my Father in Heaven, it’s like the pain was washed away, even if it was only temporary. I felt like I was swimming in an ocean of peace. And when I pray after falling into sin, I feel the same way. The same is true for when I’m praying for a difficult decision. And even when there is nothing apparently wrong, I find myself wrapped once again in that envelope of comfort.

I think we all need to take time to appreciate the connection that we can have with our Heavenly Father. He is ever-present, even through the darkest situations. To Him we can always turn. (So long as we’re not making Him our last resort!) I honestly pity those who have a poor or nonexistent prayer life, and I hope to improve my own.

Just wanted to share. :slight_smile:


Learn the Jesus Prayer.

“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner, amen.”

Many Eastern Christian monks pray this thousands of times a day - they breathe it and do it even while sleeping, thus fulfilling the Apostles command to “pray without ceasing.”


I’m a convert (from nothing, but that is the term). The change I experienced in my life from prayer was nothing short of miraculous. I’ve fought nearly unmanageable anxiety my whole life; now there are few times when my anxiety gets the better of me. I have one of those minds that never stops whirling, but when I kneel in the quiet of the church to pray, it’s like everything is just shut out. Just this week, while I was driving to work, I encountered quite scary road conditions. To keep myself calm and focused on just navigating, I started saying the Hail Mary over and over - I bet I said a hundred by the time I got to work!!

My prayer life is a daily routine now. I suggest taking one prayer or devotion you really connect with and committing to a time to say it each day. Once that one routine is in place, you’ll find yourself seeking out more and more.


Love your post. Christ wants us to pray unceasingly. I’ve finally been enlightened on how this is done. By dedicating all our daily efforts first by prayer. Then by deed. At work and home. Dedicated to Christ’s glory and the salvation of souls. I find myself more patient, at peace and joy filled. I love finding opportunities to do things our Lord may find pleasing. He has been my helper in my efforts. I am his grateful servant. Its wonderful to know through our actions as Christians, we can be Christ’s hands on earth loving his brothers and sisters. Free will is Awesome.


It’s good that you feel this way about prayer.
I hope you never lose this feeling.
Prayer is a powerful weapon and it does me a lot of good even when it takes up my time.


Thank you for sharing. No prayer is ever wasted


Thank you for taking the time to write such a wonderful testimony. We share a common experience with prayer, or lack thereof. I’ll pray for you, and you can pray for me, and that way we’ll both grow closer to God in conversation.


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