Prayer List - Question


I am full of questions today and have started early this morning… Outside of my internet life :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ve probably heard on the radio or in prayer groups, we will add you to our prayer list. Question: that list can get kind of long how do you keep everyone in prayer?



I thought by now somebody would have answered this! I will tell you what I do, for what it’s worth!! When I say my morning and evening prayers, and my prayers at Mass, I used to try to go through a list of names. I always thought I might be forgetting someone, even though I know God doesn’t. NOW, though, I say a prayer - for “all those I have promised to pray for, Lord, you know their needs”. I often also ask that He help them to know He is with them. I keep it simple.

I thought I had a corner on asking questions!! My poor priest!!! We certainly don’t have all the answers, so, we need to seek, ask and knock. Who knows what doors may open? Understanding, Faith, hopefully, some day, Heaven itself.

God bless,


I agree with Linda. All we have to say is “for all those who have asked for my prayers”.

We don’t have to limit God by thinking we have to name all the names and the problems. Just offer them all up to Him, and focus on the Lord.


I just wanted to say thank you for the responses! It really helps.


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