Prayer/meditation/blessing for non-member prior to vasectomy reversal surgery

So my wife and I have a three year old, and at that time we knew we would never want another child. 100% certain. Well fast forward two years to Father’s Day and I realize my family isn’t complete and I start looking into getting a reversal. I’m booked for surgery near Tulsa in mid-August, but could use some help.

I am not a very religious person. I was raised a Mormon and fell away from the church years ago. I have always felt an affinity with the Catholic Church.

So this leads me to my question. I’m going to be flying in 7:30 one Sunday and my surgery is Monday afternoon. What can I do for spiritual guidance those hours in between? Is it possible to get a blessing from a priest for a non member shortly before going in to surgery?

Thank you for your help. And you may be wondering “why now”…but I don’t know who else to turn to at this point. I’d be OK with a small quiet room to sit and reflect in a church setting, or to listen to a sermon, or whatever you may thinkn would be better for me before a surgery in a strange town.

Dear Sequoia,

We were in the same situation not too long ago. Our family was complete at 2 children and besides we were broke and couldn’t afford any more. :blush:

Well, 7 years after the vasectomy, my husband had a most amazing conversion and after much prayer he decided, at nearly 40 years old, to go in for the reversal the week after his baptism in the Catholic church.

Now, you ask about praying. Let me tell you, you may just find it easy while you’re sitting there waiting to put the jewels under the knife. :smiley: I know my husband had no problem, boy was he nervous.

But hey, there’s a reason why micro-surgeons make the big bucks! They are gifted. Try not to worry too much.

So, maybe you want to know what happened? Well, our family grew to include 7 children all in all. 5 post vasectomy. Plus one child who miscarried.

I remembered how we prayed. Our prayer was, “Lord, we are doing this to please you in our marriage. We accept Your Will for us, either way. We’ll do this part, and if you should chose to bless us, we’d be overjoyed.”

On many sleepless nights with these babes, I’ve thought to myself, “God has a pretty good sense of humour!” We didn’t know what we were asking for, LOL.

But I wouldn’t trade a minute. God Bless You. I’ll pray for you tonight. If time allows, maybe you can check in and let us know how it goes?

I’m sorry to double post but I just thought of something that may be useful. My husband and I learned about Natural Family Planning (NFP) in order to help our chances of conceiving after his reversal. If surgery isn’t until August, it may be something that you and your wife could study before hand. As it turns out, we needn’t have worried. But it is good knowledge to have, at any rate.

Hi, welcome to CAF.
Non-Catholics can receive a blessing from a priest if they so desire.
Perhaps you can request the Catholic chaplain if one is available in the hospital where you intend to have surgery. Perhaps you need to do a little research to discover what is possible there.

You may wish to consciously share with God all that is in your mind, and your hopes,
and to ask God to help you fulfill in your life and family all that God may wish.
To do so can help to build a personal relationship with God, and to seek His loving creative will in your life.

Loving God, our brother and his wife wish to become open to new life and the gift of another child.

Our brother, in his intention to have surgery to enable this is making this sacrifice of further surgery, in the hope of cooperating in bringing a new child into this family.
If it is according to Your will, please let this intention be successful.

Loving God we ask Your profound and bountiful blessings upon this man and his wife, and their family, and ask that You will give them the grace and guidance to share their lives with You in faith, truth, unity, wisdom, and love.

Our God, we ask that the surgery will be successful and recovery swift.
Thank You for the graces that You have already given this man and his wife and child.

God bless you and grant you peace.

First, welcome to CAF.

I’m not sure where you are getting the reversal done, but since you mention it being near Tulsa I can say that is the area where I had my reversal done 6.5 years ago. If it happens to be Dr. Wilson in Fort Gibson he will actually offer to pray with you before the surgery. As for getting a blessing that shouldn’t be an issue once you find a Catholic church. I had asked the receptionist at the hotel I stayed in and she could tell me where four or five Baptist or Methodist churches were but was at a loss as to where a Catholic church was. I finally found one in Muskogee, but I never made it there.

For me I found that I was reading and flipping through the Bible the night before my surgery. One passage that struck me sitting in the hotel was Proverbs 3:5-6:

Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.

I meditated and prayed on that passage for quite a while. When I had the reversal done our goal was less about conceiving and more to set things right. We figured if we had one more that it was a blessing and well worth the cost. Well 6 years on and three kids later I can only say that trusting in Him he has set my path straight.

I know you say you aren’t really religious, but I will keep you in my prayers. I am sure the Lord and all the angles and saint rejoice every time a man chooses to reverse a vasectomy. May He guide the surgeon’s hands and bring you to wholeness.

Thank you very much for sharing your stories and for the information you have provided! GloriaMaria, I’m so glad that your family expanded to include even more blessings for you after your husband had his reversal. I’m always disheartened to hear that someone has had the surgery and not had any success with it, but at least in those situations they feel like they tried to get around the vasectomy and so had some level of peace with it. It sounds like you certainly have a full house! I will look into NFP since I believe that would help with conception after the surgery, but something tells me that’s not going to be a problem for us!

Francie3, thank you for the information. I’ll look into churches in the area and perhaps I could find one where a priest is available during the day on Monday before the surgery. I just wasn’t sure it was even a possibility for a non-member and didn’t want to offend anybody by asking at a church.

Usige, great guess! Yep, it’s Dr. Wilson in Muskogee. I’m not sure how scheduling was when you booked your appointment, but now he has an automated scheduling system that only goes 90 days out. You pay your deposit and are put on a waitlist if no spots are available and when you come off the waitlist you are scheduled 90 days out from that date. I put down my deposit a little more than a week ago and read that one could “stalk the calendar” and book an appointment that someone else had cancelled, so we were very fortunate to have August 19 open up instead of the end of October we were expecting! The only thing I didn’t like about the appointment is that it’s on a Monday at 3:45PM…I’ll be flying in to Tulsa alone that night and will have all day to worry about the surgery. I have read that Dr. Wilson says a prayer before the surgery, but thought that if I could find a quiet church to sit and reflect for an hour or so, it may set my mind at ease a little more…

Thanks again all

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