Prayer/Meditation Room


My family has decided that we’d like to convert an extra bedroom/office into a prayer & meditation room. I was wondering if anyone else has done this and if you can provide:

  • The best place to purchase a prie dieu, and other such furniture
  • Suggestions for fixtures that help you focus
  • Decorating hints/tips (general layout/design)

Thanks in advance…

#2 has prie dieux for $300-500, depending on what kind you want and if you want it upholstered for kneeling, etc.

We have a little corner table that is kneeler/chair eye level and upon it is pictures of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary. We have a couple small statuettes which each hold meaning to us and numerous prayer/saintcards stacked and upright. We also have a large candle and several small votive candles which we light and replace frequently (the big candle lasts for awhile). We sometimes place flowers on the table, there is a rosary and prayer book. Underneath the table we keep a basket of books which we are currently reading to enhance our spiritual growth. We also have a book of intentions and a pen in which to continue writing them. Next to the table on either side of the corner, we have two saints’ framed pictures (who are specifically important to us) nailed at eye level (one on each side).

Good luck!


Wow! Great ideas! That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you!


You’re welcome! Make sure when you search their site, you search the singular form (prie dieu) as the plural wouldn’t come up for me when we were looking originally. If you want a realllllly nice one (aka mega bucks) I would go to and look, where you can pick a large price range. seemed to be the most economical but still pretty and simple. You can choose what wood you want, the design, what size and what color upholstering.


I’m thinking about this, and I would also like to have a “sitting area” type place that maybe my husband and I could do studying or praying together in that same room…so maybe a couple cozy chairs with a table between, or something like that. I suppose we could just turn the living room in to a prayer room! lol


We put a chair behind the prie dieu, and often we pull another one up to pray together. (Kneeling is hard for me so I rarely do it and use the chair, while my husband uses the kneeler frequently.) If you’re going to have an entire room for it, you could do all sorts of things, like a table and two chairs in front of it or on the side. We just have a corner of an extra bedroom dedicated to it. The other half is my husband’s at-home office. :slight_smile:


That’s the thing…this is my office too, but I’m thinking about getting a corner computer armoire so as to “hide” that aspect of it when I’m not actually doing work. I guess I’m trying to make it a prayer room with a computer, as opposed to a computer room with a prayer area. :slight_smile:


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