Prayer Needed for a Little Soul


Praying for this “little soul” and his mother! Lord, have mercy on us.


Didn’t see this sooner due to computer probs but will pray for both this tiny baby and His Mother, indeed the whole family and all the medical personel taking care of him.

God bless them all…


Thanks for the update! Good news indeed. :slight_smile:

Continued prayers …


prayers for this baby and his mother.



I am praying for Colton and his Mom, please do keep us updated!


I will keep them in my prayers too.




I am so happy that little Colton is thriving and his mom is also doing well. I will continue to pray for both of them in my daily prayers.

Thank the Good Lord!!!

:clapping: :harp: :heaven: :hug3: :amen:


Praise God for His Good Works!

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph I love you very much!
Please pray for this woman and her child and all who she knows.
By God’s grace may this child who has come in to this world can live without complications so the child can learn about God’s Love for us so the child can learn of the joys of bringing glory to the Kingdom of God on earth!

Please, in cooperation with all of Heaven, pray for the mother that she is strengthened in health and is able to raise this child and to continue in a life seeking holiness.

Come Holy Spirit, fill their hearts and endkindle in them the fire of Thy Love!

Lord have Mercy!
Christ have Mercy!
Lord have Mercy!

Thank you our heavenly family!

Amen, Amen!


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