Prayer needed for my marriage

My marriage is at the breaking point. My wife is a having a rough time coping with life and she is taking it out on me. She usually has a rough time during winter but this year it is worse because we are remodeling our kitchen. Anyway, we both work full time, but because I have a flexible schedule, I get stuck with the brunt of the housework. I mean, I do most of the cleaning, all of the laundry and most of the cooking (although she works in a restaurant, so I don’t cook that much, just for me). Anyway, before she goes into work today, she rips into me for doing my schoolwork (I’m a college teacher) and not cleaning, when I already had done much of it earlier in the morning. Whatever I do, it is not enough for her, she just demands more and more and more.

She used to take pills for her psychological problems but they didn’t work all that great, partly because she was never honest with her doctors. She would always try to tell them everything was alright when everything wasn’t. As helpful as medication can be, it doesn’t appear that pills can make someone take responsibility for her life.

Finally, faith is a constant battle at our house. I can only go to mass at times when it doesn’t inconvenience her. And if I want to go to mass on a holy day, that is another battle, although usually I can find a mass near my school, which avoids the battle.

We tried counseling, but she quit when the counselor told her something she didn’t want to hear. When I bring it up she says we can’t afford it, although if she tries that tact this time, I am going to suggest we sell the house, then we will have plenty of money for counseling.

Thanks for listening to me.

i do wish u well in your marriage. pray everything wud turn out allright.

It is definitely hard when your cross that you carry is in your home. :gopray2:

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