Prayer needed for my Step Daughter and my Brother-in-Law


Within one week we have been informed that my husbands oldest daughter and his younger brother have both been diagnosed with Colon Cancer.

Please pray for this family as we will be spending a lot of time traveling. My step daughter lives in south Florida and my brother-in-law lives in Kansas.

God heal them and give them strength.





God our Father, the Ultimate Physician, please give grace to this family during this great trial. Bring healing where you see fit good Lord. Bring strength and love and most importantly bring knowledgable physicians and nurses to their aid. Give Pyropam save journey for all that is necessary.

I would also ask Fr. Solanus to pray for this family during this time of medical crisis. May we also ask St. Peregrine to pray as well, suffered greatly from cancer, so we ask this sister of ours in heaven to seek extra grace for these two souls plagued with colon cancer.


I will be praying for them. :crossrc:


Thank you all for your prayers… My brother-in-law Bruce has been told that his treatment will be as follows:

Radiation to shrink the cancer, then surgery to remove his colon (that means a permanent ostomy bag) followed by chemotherapy. Bruce had knee surgery a little over a year ago, threw a blood clot 2 weeks after surgery which caused him to go into cardiac arrest followed by a stroke. His health has not been great since then but he had just returned to work a few months ago.

Please continue to pray for him…I will update you on my step-daughter Stacy as soon as I get word.


Praying for these intentions…




Keeping this family in prayer…


I spoke with my Brother-in-law for two hours on the phone last night. He calls me a lot when he has questions because I’m a nurse. He has asked that I be in charge of all medical decisions in the event his illness prevents him from making decisions.

Bruce and his wife divorced about 15 years ago but neither of them remarried. They are Catholic and their son attends Catholic school. He and she have told me how much they still love each other.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if God uses his illness to bring them close again.

My Step-daughter Stacy doesn’t talk to my husband (her dad) I’m having to get updates from my mother-in-law. Please continue to pray for her during this illness. I’m told that she has already begun the chemotherapy. She has a young daughter that is 15.


I’ll keep them in my prayers. :gopray2:


They are in my prayers.


A quick update of Thanksgiving and request for more prayer!!

Bruce wants to make his confession!!! He hasn’t been in about 15 years!! To God be the Glory!!


Glory be to God - Amen! Gragius!


An update from my Step-Daughter… Stacy has developed an infection after the first round of chemotherapy. She has been hospitalized…

Please continue to pray for our family members…

Jesus, Divine Physician and Healer of the sick, we turn to you in this time of illness. Comforter of the troubled, alleviate our worry and sorrow with your gentle love, and grant us the grace and strength to accept this burden. Dear God, we place under your care and humbly ask that you restore your servant to health again. Above all, grant us the grace to acknowledge your holy will and know that whatsoever you do, you do for the love of us…


:gopray2: :gopray2: For Stacey and Bruce!




Words cannot say enough…PRAYING:gopray2:


:crossrc: I am praying.


prayers on the way. St Peregrine is the patron for those battling cancer.


Thank you, I will begin asking St. Peregrine for prayer to the Father.

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