Prayer needed imediately!


We should pray for all those in Rome. I watched world news tonight and viewed a situation that looked extremely crowded and desperate.

I can’t see how a city like that can function while being deluged with such a crowd of people. This gridlock looks worse than a western New York blizzard in January.

A large number of Poles will be descending into the area soon making the situation worse. People don’t seem to be deterred by the fact that the ‘line’ might close. They just want to be there.

Please pray for all those there.


Will do:thumbsup:


On the news today I thought they said it was taking 24 hours of waiting, in line to get up to where the Pope was. Could that be true? Are people really standing that long???


Police turn away tide of humanity at Vatican
VATICAN CITY - After electronic highway signs and cell phone messages failed to stanch the flow of pilgrims, police Wednesday turned back mourners hoping to join the 24-hour line to view the body of Pope John Paul II, on a day that brought about 1 million people to the Vatican, jamming streets as they waited to pay their final respects to the pontiff, lying in state in St. Peter’s Basilica since Monday.


I’ll be praying.


we’re praying.


One could almost imagine a situation where the crowd would force the cardinals to have no choice but to delay the funeral and allow the body to lie in state for a few additional days. This is absolutely amazing. I don’t think that John Paul II, himself, or anybody could have imagined anything like it. They’re even asking the Roman citizens to house pilgrims now. This is a wake to remember!


I’ll be praying too :thumbsup:

It just brings it home how much our Holy Father was loved :clapping:


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