Prayer needed, story told

I am asking a prayer for Catholic friends to support me and the converting power of Christ to change the things I need to change and the courage to be myself. I will explain my situation:

I’m 22 and an undergraduate student hoping to move on to seminary and then ordained priesthood. The thing is I face a lot of trouble from all sides.

I’m 100% traditional when it comes to Church teaching, I don’t believe that one can pick and choose doctrines to follow, in fact it makes the faith pointless because if Jesus is the fullness of truth then anything short of His full Church is pointless and I can’t imagine why anyone would be a part. Therefore liberals dislike me strongly. On the flipside…

I play music in a pub on weekends and hang around with a rough crowd. I often use the s-word and occasionally drop an “f-bomb.” I goof off frequently and I don’t let it bother me if someone sees things drastically different from my way. This makes other “orthodox” or “conservative” Catholics uncomfortable and I often feel overwhelmed by their demands on things that aren’t specifically about Church teaching but rather a Christian culture they attempt to foster. It’s left me with few Catholic friends to support me in my vocation other than a few good priests and a former vocation director who continously remind me how excited they are to have a few “normal guys” examining priesthood.

Thank you,

I have been around for a year or two from my experience you sound like you would be a good canidate for the priesthood…kinda in the world but not of it. Most of the priests I have known personally have been very good and holy men but have been known to let a word or two slip!
My advice…Hang in there …become a good priest, and lead others to Jesus. You seem to be the kind of guy that will be able to relate to real people in the real world.

PS. I will pray for you!

Praying for you.

Lord, You told us that “The harvest indeed is great but the laborers are few. Pray, therefore, the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into His harvest.” We ask You to strengthen us as we follow the vocation to which You have called us. We pray particularly for those called to serve as priests, sisters, brothers and deacons:

Those whom You have called,
Those You are calling now,
Those You will call in the future.

May they be open and responsive to the call of serving Your people. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

I have known many priests over the years. Some were very quiet and pious, some were “one of the guys”, some were theatrical, others very scholarly, they each served God and the church through their personal styles, and were able to reach people in unique ways.

I don’t think there is one “priestly type”, the church needs all types to minister to a diverse flock.

I think the only hard and fast requirement is to truly, deeply and authentically be a “man of God”, I don’t think that part can ever be fudged.


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