Prayer Needed!


:DHi all, I need some help finding a prayer to Blessed Kathleen Dougherty. I looked on google and some other sites, :(but had no luck.:bowdown: Thanks so much for your time! :bowdown2: ~cbear


Hmm… I know this is a way back post. However, I think the closest answer to your topic is Servant of God, Catherine de Heuck Doherty, since you are unable to find it in Google or other search engine…

Well, she isn’t beatified yet, for one thing. However, are you looking someone from the Madonna House Apostolate? She is the foundress of what I am mentioning.

Here’s the prayer. I got her literature from

Prayer Asking for Favours
Through the Intercession of the
Servant of God Catherind Doherty

All loving Father, through your beloved Son, Jesus, we have been taught to ask for what we need. And through his spouse, our Mother the Church, we have been instructed to pray for one another, and to ask the intercession of your servants, who have fallen asleep in Christ. Therefore, through the intercession of your servant, Catherine Doherty, we ask.

[here mention your petition.]

We ask this for your honour and glory, and in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son Our Lord. Amen.

Imprimatur: + J.R. Windle, Bishop of Pembroke, May 1, 1993


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