Prayer of Peace Day 293

Dear Lord please continue to wrap your warm loving hands around precious mother earth. Guide us Dear Lord to have peace within us always. May we always have you in our thoughts when we go about our day. May we think/walk and be peaceful to all. Dear Lord please hear my prayer. Amen. May all that care for world peace please pray for peace for all.

Jesus, You desire to give us peace! While on Earth, You blessed others with words of peace. In Scripture, in Liturgy, in the Sacraments, in the prayers and blessings of the Church, You constantly offer peace.

Yet, what is the peace that You offer? It is not ease and comfort, or wealth and success, for there were little of these in Your life. You offer example of God emptied of glory and possessing few of this world’s gifts or loyalty. Friends deserted You when things became difficult. Religious leaders betrayed their heritage by destroying You, who were so obviously the promised Messiah, though you wished them peace. You sacrificed Yourself for this unworthy humanity, You who are peace and salvation of humankind.

Please wean me from choice and habit that impedes witness of Your love. Grant me proper self-esteem but free me from self-indulgence in all its insidious forms. Grant me trust and gratitude to handle everything, whether joyful or sad, in light of Your Love for me. In this is found Your peace.

If I lack the peace of knowing that God is transforming me, then please give me the peace of trust that God will benefit others though me just as I am.I choose the peace of creative obedience to God’s will as the particular person I am created to be. Jesus, do not let me fail to fulfil Your wishes and dream for my life. Thank You.

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