Prayer of Thanksgiving for Trishie


Loving God,

We lift up our best to you and ask for your mercy and strength each day. Help us to hear your call and to respond. I ask a prayer of thankgiving for your sister Trishie who comforts and cares for your people here and in the world. The love and caring she shows to all is a response to your beatitudes and we thank for her.



Amen. For Trishie, a woman after God’s own heart. :love:

Thank you, Jesus! :bowdown:


Amen To This Thread…For Trishie is a servant of God…She always has a caring word and compassionate heart…May God continue to guide Trishie and bless her and her family…In Jesus Name …Amen…Warmly, LynneMarie


As the thankful recipient of many of her prayers, I offer my prayer of thanksgiving for this faithful sister in Christ. Amen! Alleluia!


Amen…God Bless this great Prayer Warrior who inspires me to pray and support others…


Trichie …
You inspire me too to pray and pray and pray …
God bless you.


God Bless you Trishie.

I am thanful for your kindness…


Amen to that. Trishie is truly a PRAYER WARRIOR, God bless her!


I’m adding my “AMEN” to this thread as well!! I thank God to be blessed with Trishie for her constant support and comfort to us. She has reached out to me in my time of heartache with words of encouragement and comfort and words cannot describe how touched I was for that.
Trishie will continue to be in my prayers…


You dear kindhearted people, when I saw this thread that you, Jhash1, so generously posted, and you, Luke65, LynneMarie, po18guy, Simon X, Tarek Chidiac, aimee, 244Rocket, and Maria have lovingly responded in prayer to, I felt dumbed and touched beyond words.

I was speaking to my parish priest in Confession yesterday,…we had time as no other penitents were around…and he does know of my activity on our forums as Prayer Warrior…and amongst other things I was telling him how much pain I often feel regarding what my brothers and sister go through, and sometimes I momentarily think of escape, wondering also if I do really contribute to you all. I told him that sometimes I find PMs in my box that come out of the blue and do express that my posts and prayers help, and that helps me to carry one…but I do have a tendency to understand as if the experience were mine, about anything at all my brothers and sisters feel or suffer, so it’s hard sometimes because one wants to help so much…and I believe we ***all ***feel like that. I’m amazed sometimes at the love and wisdom that goes out from so many people to those who need love and prayer…and help we often can’t give.

Father said he was going to mow the lawn and he’d leave the church door unlocked so I could stay with Jesus and ask Him all I wished to ask Him. That was my 'penance!!! So I got a chair and sat near the Tabernacle with Him for an hour and a half, talking “with” Him, and sometimes singing to Him, as I do. He’s been silent for a while and I guess I needed Him to let me know “we’re okay”, He and I, and that I’ve not drifted from Him in any ways, and am not disappointing Him in any way, and that I’m doing and being as He’d like me to…because we easily feel like that, don’t we, doubt about ourselves!

An unaccustomed headache I’ve had for a few days disappeared in the peace of being with Him…and last evening I found this loving thread, which I feel was His answer, but I was so touched and dumbed by its loving generosity, this love from my sisters and brothers whom I won’t meet except in the spirit till heaven, that I couldn’t respond.

I have tears in my eyes as I type. Thank you for your love, prayer and your generosity.
I ask Jesus to give special eternal surprises and graces to each of you for letting Jesus reassure me through you, and for the kindness of your impulses…and also for the faithful love, support and prayer that each of you also, faithfull give others. This thread could just as easily been for each of You! :slight_smile: It was amazing that you did this, Jhash1! I would never have expected such a post. I’ve not seen one like it, making so clear it is Jesus speaking to me through His dear friends.

Much love, Trishie


I would also like to give thanks to Trishie. She has given me some kind words to keep me going through my time of need. I thank God every day that He brought me to CAF because I have found others that support me. I believe that God led me here to find a new support system and I appreciate it.

God Bless you Trishie.



Trishie,You have been an inspiration to me as well.I offer prayers of thanksging for you with everyone else.May our Lord Bless you coming in and going out,in every facet of your life.Rocky.


I pray that you never doubt yourself again…you are a wonderful person and we are all very grateful for having come to this board and come in contact with a special person like you.
And as you had tears in your eyes while typing your response…I had tears in my eyes reading it…
May God Bless you in ways you cannot imagine…


what an inspiration you are!!!


She is a GIFT of a friend to me…Thank You Lord!!!


God Bless Trishie, for taking the time to pray for and encourage others.



God of Love,
I thank You for the people in my life
who are easy to love.
I thank You for my family and friends
who understand my actions,
who support me in my decisions,
and whose presence can lift the burden of a thorny day.


Trishie, you are truly a treasure here on CAF. We are blessed indeed to have you here with us. :slight_smile:

The last line of the above prayer seems to have been written just for you! :slight_smile: Thank you for all the love and warmth which you share so generously with all of us.



Continuing to praise God for your willing heart!


God Bless Trishie.

Thanks for your example Trishie


God bless Trishie and Jesus let me have only half of her faith and grace let me know you as she does and while you provide her 4 times the blessings she asks for others provide me just some of her faith, in christ’s name amen

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