Prayer of thanksgiving: things aren't so bad after all


I have had a really bad afternoon today because of something that looked a lot like bad news… and then I just learned a few minutes ago that things are actually not going to be bad at all. I asked God to help out before I found this out, and he did. So, could some people thank God for this along with me?
Also, I’m sitting next to two women getting ready to be married this summer. They and their husbands are just starting out in the world. Whatever the appropriate prayers would be in their situations, please.


Many thanks for everything you have given all of us Father, and in your ultimate plan for all of us, we all have different vocations, and gifts.

May you bless these people who will be standing before you to be a witness to Jesus Christ, in all they endevour to glorify your name.

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit


PS- and may they be blessed with many children to carry forth the Gospel to others



Sharing in your gratitude and praying for God’s will for your friends…


Prayers of thanksgiving for you, asking for blessings for your friends.


Prayers of thanks to God I think we forget to do that at times !:slight_smile:


Lord, graciously hear our prayers.


Praise and thanksgiving to the Lord for always walking at our side, guiding us, caring for us, blessing us and loving us. May your colleagues be blessed with the gift of a loving and holy marriage and happiness be theirs to share. Amen.


Yes, I’ll add my prayers for their intentions.

I’ll be in Naples visiting for 5 days so a special howdy to the OP in Naples.


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