Prayer of thanksgiving


I posted awhile back asking for prayers for our difficult financial problems. All our bills were behind, including our mortgage (2 months behind). DH and I had no clue how we were going to dig ourselves out of this mess, at least until tax refund season. Our mortgage company just would NOT work with us. They wanted all the $$ now and the best they would do was take 2 automatic deductions out our bank account 2 weeks apart (what good is that when you can’t come up with that much in a month?! ).

Well, I have been praying for God to help us out of this mess and give us financial stability (DH works a commission job that makes it very hard to budget).

Well…God came through…again…

Within days of me asking Him for financial stability DH got promoted to a management position which will put him on salary AND eventually more money as the year goes on. :slight_smile: (Please keep praying DH succeeds at this job)

And, yesterday we got mail from the mortgage company. We were terrified to open it, fearing the worst. Well, it ended up being a payment plan to spread the past due amount out over the next 12 months! So, now we only have to worry about paying about a hundred bucks more each month and that frees up $$ to get the rest of our bills caught up within the next month!

Praise God! HE IS GOOD! :extrahappy:


Praise the Lord and best wishes for the future.



FAITH and TRUST in the Lord work miracles. If He created the entire universe out of nothing, he can certainly see you through a tight spell. Let’s all show some gratitude today! :signofcross:


Yes, He is!!! :heaven:


Just goes to show that pray does work. Thanks be to God.


Thank you Lord, Jesus for helping this family. Please continue to bless them especially DH in his new job. Jesus help soften the hearts of CEO’s of financial institutes and give them understanding in this terrible economic time.


Lord thank you and thank you for ANSWERING THEIR PRAYER AND helping this family with their problems ! Oh lord you are awesome ! All praise and glory to YOU Father , in the name of Jesus ! amen , I am so happy for you and your family ! John


I am so happy for you. I will keep your family in my prayers! :crossrc:

God Bless,




Thanks all for your prayers.

I hope that this will give hope and comfort to all coming to this forum with prayer needs. God really is generous and good to us. And sometimes we all need a reminder to strengthen our faith. Especially in difficult times, God is there for us.


Great news, much thanksgiving!
…Praise God, He is Good?

…isn’t He just!

Deo Gratius!
We thank you Lord,
for Your Great Goodness
is without end


You just got the help of the best financial advisor in the universe!!

God is Great!!


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