Prayer of the Faithful - Praying For Military?


During the Prayer of the Faithful, is it OK to offer intentions for those serving in the military?

To me, this would seem to fall under guidelines that I’ve seen:

  1. For the needs of the Church.
  2. For public authorities and salvation of the world.
    3. For those burdened with any kind of difficulty.
  3. For the local community.

I ask because of a recent comment that doing so promotes or cooperates with violence.



Why would it promote violence to pray for God to protect and bless the young men and women in the military and bring them home to us safe and sound or to help them be patient and brave while serving?

Besides which, if one’s country is under attack, violence is usually part of defending it. It may not be what one wants to do, but it is perfectly permissible to defend one’s life and one’s country using violence if necessary.


In my Parish the Prayer of the Faithful always includes prayers for those serving in the Military.



To both previous comments, nailed squarely on the head. In the church we attend to, we also pray for first responders and emergency personell, who put their lifes at risk for our sake, but closer at home. No difference except soldiers put theirs farther away.


So long as it’s for their safe return.

Years ago, I was at a Mass where one of the intentions was for a military victory. I think that’s inappropriate.


There is no problem with this.


Totally appropriate. In fact, here you’ll find a selection of Prayers of the Faithful that are military specific, approved by the Bishop of the Canadian Military Ordinariate.

I’ve read them all at some time or other and as far as I can recall they never pray for ‘victory’ but for rather for things like this:
For the Canadian Armed Forces and all peacekeepers; for wisdom and justice as they carry out their duty
for God and country, we pray to the Lord.


Deacon: For those in government and all the military, let us pray to the Lord:
Choir: Lord, have mercy.

From the Litany of Peace, Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.


Thank you to everyone for your responses.

You have confirmed my own thoughts on the matter. A few people in my parish have voiced an opinion that it is inappropriate to offer prayers for the military during the liturgy. To me, it seems like a very appropriate thing to do.

Why would we not pray for their safety? It’s not like they are warmongers. Some of these kids are just trying to get some money for college!

Thanks again and PEACE.




Sounds like the usual drivel from a liberal peacenick.

Strange how their attitudes turn when someone actually shoots at them.

The Church has what is called the Just War Theory. We can get in all sorts of arguments over whether a war is just or not (and that is usually done from the safety of a nice, warm armchair thousands of miles from the battlefield).

“Oh, we must luuuuuv one another!”

Well, I am called to love jihadists; I am also called to protect my family and those of others. The grasp on reality is somewhat tenuous with some folks.


Ask the to write Archbishop Broglio ( of the Archdiocese of the Military) and get his perspective. I’m sure they would find it enlightening.



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