Prayer place?

Where do you do your prayers everyday? (eg: Rosary, Novenas, Divine Office etc.)
I pray everywhere, but I pray the rosary and the hours in my prayer room.

I say my prayers outside while sitting on my screened in porch, away from all the distractions. 365 days a year.:thumbsup:

I’ve been searching for a prayer place now I’m back at college, but so far I haven’t had luck outside of walking down to the church. Lately, I’ve been saying them in bed with my head under the covers so my roommates don’t bother me… nowhere to just be alone and pray in this house. sigh

After my husband leaves for work, I sit on the bed with my dog and use my iPad. I use the Laudate App to guide my morning prayers. I read the readings of the day, reflections on those readings, pray a decade of the rosary and then I have a list of daily prayers I read.

Before I leave my home I pray several times for protection and peace as well as thanking God for healing and peace that has occurred.

If traveling for work, I follow the same schedule in my hotel room before starting the day.

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