Prayer/Praise after Accident


I wrecked my car today on my way to school and just narrowly missed a 20 foot ravine in which I would have most likely died if I had went into it. Instead I went into a five foot ditch and into a tree. I’m okay except my back hurts from tensing up.

I’d just like to thank God and my Guardian Angel and anyone else that helped protect me, especially Mary.

Please offer up a few prayers of thanks…they deserve it!

all the best,


Prayers! Your guardian angel earned his wages today. :smiley:

If you are sore tomorrow, please see a doctor or chiropractor. I had an accident at 21 that resulted in a whiplash injury that I never knew about, because young people are so resilient and heal so fast! My body masked the symptoms of my spinal degeneration for 8 years until I was nearly incapacitated and had to have physical therapy. I still see a chiropractor monthly. …my injury was not rare, it happens to people every day. See a doc if you suspect anything, maybe even if you don’t!


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